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Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini HDMI Live Stream Switcher


Blackmagic introduced another fantastic performer named n Blackmagic design ATEM mini HDMI for the live streaming switcher. In this post, we talked about this gadget that could be a prominent choice to achieve a new experience that usually you never gathered before.Blackmagic-Design-MINI

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Essentially, we highlighted some significant features of this product. Let’s grab the Blackmagic design ATEM mini HDMI live stream switcher review.

Has 4 Channel Live Stream HDMI Switcher


This is the most important factor in having multiple channels in a live stream switcher because it allows you us the device with more convenience. From this regard, this device is apt for getting the finest satisfaction of live streaming. Yes, it has a four-channel to live stream HDMI switcher so that you can use this equipment with versatility. For example, when you watch different programs or sporting types of videos on the television, the streamer man switches the camera to the different directions. As a result, we see videos from different angles.

Constructed in Input/Output up to 1080p60 10-Bit 4:2:2

Having more input/output is necessary for gaining superb performance. This streamer is equipped with up to 1080p capacity that ensures an improved performance than the other brand comes in non-standard features. So this device can cope up with the user’s demand and technology.

Built-in 2 Channel Audio Mixer

The users can easily mix the audio with its 2 audio mixer channels. You know there could be needed mixing audio for different kinds of audio mixing for different kinds of sound quality. If you own this device once, surely you have enhanced performance through it.

Suitable for multi-camera


If you are determined to use multi-camera live streaming then we suggest you pick this device. It mainly works on the internet. So you can utilize a multi-camera at once by choosing this gadget. It is also a good choice for the gaming console. If you want this specific gaming console facility, no streamer could be suitable like this ATEM mini streamer.

Easy Control Panel


It compressed different controlling button switches to control it conveniently. There is no hard mechanism that hampers usability. An easy controlling system let you access the full features of this equipment. The backlit control button helps to enable the camera button, controlling transition, keyers, setting, and DVE.

Media player

For making this product more accessible, the manufacturer included the media player that supports fill and key images and supports up to 20 stills in PNG, TGA, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF formats.

So can you imagine what a great device this is? Yes, you can use images are different formats? This feature is almost rare in the other non-standard product but Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini HDMI Live Stream Switcher is talented for this activity.

Support ATEM software control

It supports the ATEM software control to make it more usable. It works virtually via Ethernet. Also supports control and configuration using the ATEM mini. So to get enhanced performance, we highly recommended this product.

From where can I buy the Blackmagic design ATEM mini HDMI live stream switcher?

Buying a design ATEM mini HDMI live stream switcher is almost tough but not impossible. You have to be canny to find out the real sellers. There are numerous re-sellers in Bangladesh but all are not registered sellers. So you need to be aware of purchasing this equipment from the real seller so you won’t regret it after buying a duplicate product. The real seller provides you 100% original product with a service warranty.

From this perspective, we (Olefins Trade Corporation) are a trusted and authorized seller from the Government who provides 100% genuine products around Bangladesh.olefins- bd- com If you really want this original streamer then you can contact us through our contact number (0255020006, 01979-300-9400,  01719-300-940). Or might come to our office to get this product. To check Blackmagic design ATEM mini HDMI live stream switcher price (Click Here)


Our verdict

Blackmagic Design ATEM mini HDMI live is undoubtedly a wonderful streamer at this present. Users are getting tend into this device for having some remarkable features within a low budget. You rarely find these kinds of features in other brands with this budget.

We help you get the original product at an affordable price. Hope this Blackmagic design ATEM mini HDMI live stream switcher review will assist you in buy the original product. Have you any queries, let us know by commenting below. We will get in touch soon.

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