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Brand: BOSCH

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  • BOSCH MW1-LTX-Fx UHF Wireless Belt-Pack Transmitter

    • 97-193 selectable UHF channels
    • PLL synthesized technology
    • LCD with battery status and frequency indication
    • Lock function
    • Approximately 15 hours of operation on alkaline batteries
    • Buy this BOSCH wireless mic in Bangladesh
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  • BOSCH DCNM-MICL with Long Stem for DICENTIS Series

    • Uni‑directional microphone on adjustable stem
    • Built‑in plop and windshield
    • Low susceptibility for mobile phones
    • For acoustically challenging rooms
    • For locations where people want to speak standing upright
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  • BOSCH DCNM-MICS with Short Stem for DICENTIS Series

    • The uni-directional microphone on adjustable stem
    • Built‑in plop and windshield
    • Low susceptibility for mobile phones
    • For acoustically challenging rooms
    • For locations where people want to speak standing upright
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  • Transport Case for BOSCH CCSD-CU and 6x CCSD-D

    • Proven construction
    • Equipment-shaped foam interior
    • Roller wheels for convenient transportation
    • Cushion grip handles; trigger release latches
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  • BOSCH DCNM-WDE Wireless Touchscreen Unit

    Conference unit body (without microphone and battery)

    4.3-inch capacitive touch screen and built‑in NFC reader for fast recognition of participants

    Option to display the personalized custom logo on the touchscreen

    Removable Battery Pack, easy to change and charge

    Configurable as a participant, dual-use or chairperson Wireless Device Extended by use of web browser interface

    Functionality can be expanded with software modules without the need for hardware modification

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  • Bosch Dicentis DCNM-WD Full Conference System Package

    • This is the best conference system from the BOSCH brand.
    • It’s a complete package of the unit, charger box, and access point.
    • You can increase the unit amount on the requirement.
    • Completely wireless system.
    • The mentioned price is for the single combined items.


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  • BOSCH LBC 3090 Ceiling Speaker

    • Suitable for speech and music reproduction
    • Increased sensitivity
    • Flush-mounting in the ceiling cavity
    • Easy to install
    • Simple power setting
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  • BOSCH LBB4416/10 Fiber Optic Network Cable

    The LBB4416-10 from Bosch is a special cable with 2 plastic fibers for data and audio communication and 2 copper cores for the power supply. The cable is supplied with the network connectors fitted. This cable can be used to connect the CCU to audio expanders. The network cables are supplied in different lengths. The extension (/xx) on the type number indicates the length of the cable. Only the LBB 4416/00 is without connectors. The connectors are available separately (LBB 4417/00).

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  • Bosch DCNM-WCH05 Charger

    Simultaneous charging of up to 5 Battery Packs

    Individual Battery Pack charging capacity indicators

    Recharges from empty in less than 3 hours

    Auto‑ranging power supply, 100-240 Vac

    Loop‑through mains power supply connectors

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  • Bosch PRS-CSR Call Station Remote


    The PRS-CSR is a call station with the same functionality as the basic call station, LBB 4430/00, but it uses CAT-5 cable for its connection to the Praesideo network. It connects, one-to-one, to the call station interface, PRS-CSI, which is part of the Praesideo optical network.

    The CAT-5 cable, carrying digital audio and control data, can be as long as 1 km. The length of the CAT-5 cable is not a part of the Praesideo optical network length. This considerably increases the overall possible length of the optical network.

    The PRS-CSR can be extended with up to 16 keypads (LBB 4432/00 or LBB 4434/00), each with eight programmable keys. Extension with a numeric keypad (PRS-CSNKP) is also possible.

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  • Call Station Numeric Keypad


    The Call-Station Numeric Keypad is used in combination with a basic or remote call-station. The call-station provides the microphone and press-to-talk key, while the numeric keypad can be used for user access, zone and zone group selection. It works together with call-station keypads for pre-configured actions. The built-in LCD provides feedback to the user.

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  • BOSCH Keypad Call Station

    • Eight freely programmable selection keys
    • Serial data and power interface to call station basic
    • Up to 16 keypads can be connected to one call station basic
    • Activation indicator for each key
    • Stylish and modern design
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  • BOSCH PRS-2P250 Presadio Controller


    The Power Amplifiers receive input signals over the network. They also have two auxiliary audio inputs (four for LBB 4428/00) for local audio. Their eight control inputs are freely programmable for system actions, and priorities can be assigned to these inputs. Each control input has the ability to monitor the attached line for open and short-circuits. Control outputs are freely programmable for faults and call-related actions.

    The 2 x 16‑character display and the rotary control enable local status inquiries. The display shows the VU‑meter reading when the audio monitoring mode is active. Audio can be monitored by headphones. The units are self-monitoring and continually report their status to the network controller. They support both single branch and redundant loop cabling. The amplifiers have a changeover facility for spare power amplifier switching. Changeover relays are included with the units. The amplifiers have a 48 V DC back-up supply input. The digital audio processing can handle three parametric equalization sections and two shelving equalization sections per channel with configurable audio delay.

    Controls and indicators • 2 x 16-character LCD for status display • Rotary/push control button • Mains switch • Voltage selector for PRS‑xPxxx Interconnections • Mains input • Battery backup input • Two system network connections • Two mic/line inputs (four for LBB 4428/00) • Selectable 100 V, 70 V or 50 V outputs (per channel) • Fixed 50 V output • Eight programmable control inputs • Control output (for each amplifier channel) • Headphone output • Spare amplifier connection (for each amplifier channel)

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  • Bosch LBC 3951/11 Ceiling Speaker (6W)

    Original price was: 3,500৳ .Current price is: 3,000৳ .
    • Compact Yet Powerful
    • Wide Opening Angle
    • Easy To Install
    • Splash-Waterproof
    • The Bosch LBC 3951/11 Ceiling Loudspeaker provides powerful sound in a compact easy-to-install loudspeaker. The speaker’s wide opening angle provides a maximum listening range.
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  • Bosch LBC 3099/41 Ceiling Speaker (24W)


    Product Code: OTC2231

    • Excellent speech and music reproduction
    • High sound pressure level
    • Ideal for high-ceiling applications
    • Flush mounted in ceilings


    The LBC 3099/41 has a single-piece, 24 W, dual-cone loudspeaker. A 100 V matching transformer is mounted on the back of the frame. An attractive metal grille is integrated with the front and finished in an unobtrusive white color

    The LBC 3099/41 is a flush-mounting ceiling loudspeaker for applications where extra power is required, such as rooms with high ceilings. It delivers a high sound pressure level and has a wide frequency range to ensure excellent speech intelligibility and good quality music reproduction. It is used in applications like shops, department stores, schools, offices, sports halls, hotels.

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  • Bosch LBC 3080/11 Ceiling Speaker (6w)


    Product Code: OTC2229

    A metal fire dome can be used during the fire, ceiling cavity can allow fire or smoke to spread throughout the building. To inhibit fire from entering the cavity via ceiling loudspeaker, it can be fitted with an LBC 3080/x1 steel fire dome. This is mounted on a loudspeaker assembly using four self-tapping screws supplied with a fire dome. Fire-dome has knockout holes for two grommets (supplied) and two cable glands, white (RAL 9010).

    • the ceiling cavity can allow fire or smoke to spread throughout a building
    • To inhibit fire entering the cavity via the ceiling loudspeaker, it can be fitted with an LBC 3080/x1 steel fire dome
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We sell BOSCH brand Public Address System, Conference System, Column Speaker, Ceiling Speaker and many more security equipment. Our product is original and we are professional supplier of BOSCH system in Bangladesh.

The company was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886. Bosch is 92% owned by Robert Bosch. BOSCH is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in  Germany.


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