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Car Barrier in Bangladesh | Car Parking Barrier


The car parking barrier commands the driver where and when he/she have to stop and when to go. It is compulsory stuff specifically for the highway roads. Perhaps you saw there are car parking barriers particularly at the opening and end of the flyover. Moreover, it also installs in a specific place where to require to stop cars for checking or something else.

Finding out the best car parking barrier is almost tough in Bangladesh. It is virtually tricky to get the high-class car barrier from the flooded types of car barriers. In this post, we will figure out 2 special car security gates that you can pick without thinking twice.

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1. ZKTeco PB1030 Parking Barrier


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ZK Teco manufactures world first-class parking barriers. This barrier device knows when and where needs to stop. Meant, you will achieve a great performance from it. The covered features are –

Super active boom

The belonging boom stops the unrecognized cars when it comes to restricted areas without authorization. The boob raise by the command of remote control, access control system, and long-distance reader.

Moreover, for the remaining boom illuminator, when the boob will be lowered automatically after the car passed away. Lowering the boom actually works by remote controller or press button.

Easy controlling mechanism

As you read above you can lower and raise the boom using a press button or remote control. So these types of controllability let a user utilize it with more continence. It assists you to make a barrier against the cars from restricted areas by using the control system. Meaning, you no need to raise and down the boom manually by using your hands.

Fittest for photocell

It can be equipped with a photocell. That indicates while people or vehicles obscure the inferred launched from the photocell, the boom will be stopped mechanically and raise from a lower position.

Light indicator

It is comprised of light that could be more beneficial particularly at the night. Yes, when the boom remains in a lower position then it shows a red light and during the raised position, it shows a green light. This feature is undoubtedly very important to know whether the vehicles are permitted to go or stop. To get it, contact us. We are a reliable barrier gate supplier in Bangladesh.


2. KTeco PB4030R Parking Barrier


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This is another top picking ZKTteco parking barrier that comes with several remarkable features.

Durable body

From the angle of durability, this PB4000 series parking barrier used a die-casting aluminum alloy motor. Products manufactured from these materials specify enough durability. So no worry about the durability.

Extraordinary structural design

Where the other model’s emphasis was only on the quality barrier system, then this model came both in superb performance and eye-catchy structural design.

Easy maintenance

No hard and fast mechanism usually has in other models. It is easy to operate too.

Active boom

The boom goes to the lower position when any car comes to its point and won’t raise until you raise it manually by pressing the exact button or using the given remote control.

Included light indicators

Two types of light indicators work depending on the boom position. When the boom remains lower, it shows a red light. Similarly, for the raised position, it shows green light that means the vehicles can go now.

Our Verdict

We always try to get the best to best products for you. However, these parking barriers are super active vehicle parking barriers you can select to gain a convenient car controlling system. Both the model has goodwill for conveying some outstanding performances.

Note: We ( prioritize our customer’s needs. That is why we are committed to providing car Barriers in Bangladesh. If you really like this model or want to know the parking barrier price in Bangladesh or something else, simply visit our website or call on through phone. We will love to hear from you.

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