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The Best Conference System in Bangladesh


The conference system is a wide system that has been using to hold large and small conferences. It’s a system of connecting multiple devices like a microphone, camera, screen, etc. It actually makes any conference more successful. What is a conference system? As an example, you probably saw conferences on TV or directly.

There are several persons at a table and each people has a microphone in front of them to speak. Each device keeps connects with the other. Let’s talk about the types of the conference system. There are mainly two types of conference systems we can see at presents such as audio conference systems and video conference.

In the audio conference system, there are different microphones in front of each speaker on a table. When they talk, the microphone captures their sound and output to the speaker. That is why the speaker doesn’t need to speak loudly. If he talks normally, the mic can capture the speech without capturing the surrounded noise so the listeners can hear speeches clearly without any harsh sounds.


There is an indicator light in each mic that indicates whether the mic is on or off. Different types of brands manufacture their conference system with unlike features.

In the video conference system, there are is a camera at the middle position of a table and there sit speakers or interviewers. To do this video conference, there is needed a screen or projector where the interviewers can see the person with whom they are talking. As soon as each speaker starts talking, the camera aim at the person.


When a person finishes speaking and another person starts speaking, the camera aims at the new speaker instantly. Basically, the conference system is a process of arranging meetings, conferences, programs through a systematic electrical way.

What is The Best Conference System in Bangladesh?

There are various brands of conference systems in Bangladesh. But all are not good and can’t provide the potential performance. We have picked a few popular brands that greatly manufacture the high-quality conference system.

AHUA: AHUJA is a world first-class conference system. You will find different kinds of conference system products in these brands.

BOSCH: The best and trending brands in the world. They provide the best conference system in Bangladesh and all over the world. People chose BOSCH model for having the finest performance and significant service warranty.

TOA: TOA arrived at marketplaces with various conference items. This model is going to be a popular brand in BD. The manufacturer prioritizes the user’s convenience. You can choose this model to hold large and small conferences.

HTDZ: You rarely find a seamless performance in other brands like HTDZ. Though all brands offer a similar performance now this brand is grasping the marketplaces.

BXB: This is another prominent brand that you can choose without thinking twice. BXB produces all kinds of conference equipment in Bangladesh.

ITC: ITC is also a trending model that is committed to providing types of equipment. Their product sells internationally too.

FAQ on Conference System

What is the difference between web conference and video conference solutions?

Generally, the web and video conference system works for communicating with multiple persons in a systematic way. Using the web conference a single person can speak to large audiences. In this regard, the video conference system works great.

May I be connected with the outside persons?

Of course, you can because the solutions allow you to invite the outside person to join the meeting.

Does the Bangladeshi provide set up the whole system?

Most of the time, the sellers provide this service as their part of the business. But you should ask them whether they offer the setup facility. Though the sellers might want extra charges for install the system. Yet this is worth it if you choose the same seller both for buying a conference system and installing.

Where to buy the conference system in Bangladesh?

As you knew above there are different sellers in Bangladesh but not sure which sellers give you the right product with service. Better you research online to find out the original provider who has fame in this industry.

olefins- bd- com


We (Olefins Trade Corporation) is such a vendor in Bangladesh who import and provide world first-class conference solution. To know more about our products, you can call us anytime. We will love to hear from you

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