Hajj Umrah Support Passport Reader

We sell Nusuk Hajj Umrah Support Passport Reader in Bangladesh. Our Passport Scanner supports all passports of all countries following international standards. Our Passport reader can detect from the following source.

01. MRZ

02. RFID

03. OCR

04. QR

05. ID Barcode

06. Pdf 417

07. IC Card

If you have any customization please feel free to contact us.  Hotline: 01979-300-940, 01719-300-940. Passport reader machine prices in Bangladesh start from 90,000 TAKA to 2,00,000 Taka depending on features and service.  Check our all passport reader latest price.  We are a professional supplier of all types of passport readers in Bangladesh.

Our all Passport readers support ehajj Nusuk platform. Anyone can use our machine with this system easily. Detect automatically passport information from any kind of passport or e-passport. Like 3M Page Reader AT9000 or Access IS or any type of passport reade.

Our machine also works with the Bangladesh Hajj Management System.  

Before buy machine, you can see our product video.

What is Benift for Passport Reader?

01. Saving your Time

02. Input Clear & Accuracy Information

03. Safe from Personal Data Privacy

04. Easy to Use

To know more

Telephone: 096-3911-7733, 02-55020006
Hotline: 01979-300-940, 01719-300-940

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