Connect Zkteco Fingerprint Reader to a Remote Place

Connecting to a fingerprint reader from a remote reader remotely is a huge task. It’s very easy to do by configuring your networks setting to the location where the reader is. But sometimes users need to connect the reader to use from a remote place to use the access control with more convenience. In this article, we would describe the access reader connecting method in the right ways.

Benefits of Remote Access Control

Work Remotely

You can enable your corporate network by remote mechanized access control. The employees of an organization can use access control by staying far from the office. They don’t need to present themselves physically as they can provide their attendance remaining remotely. By using this device, the employees can log in to their exact desktop interface and do their tasks conveniently.


This type of access control is really a blessing of the whole security facts. It reduces your hardship since you/ employees no want to present at the office and they can submit their attendance without coming to the office.

Remote Administration

It allows monitoring the whole access control system remaining remote zone. There is no need to be present at working place. You can easily permit the users according to the business requirements. Meaning, an access control device let you enlist the uses who can actually use it.

Use Personal Device

This is another remarkable feature that makes you delighted to choose this type of access control reader. While these devices are enabled, users can easily access the corporate networks using any personal device. This system is run by the internet and you know the internet is available anywhere.

use-smartphone- for-access -control

However, it can be connected through a laptop, smartphone, home desktop, and tablet by the corporate network.

Fast Troubleshooting

When enabling access control, the technician easily can troubleshoot the problems. The problems can be for software and technology but these issues are easily fixable.


For the integration of remote access, the authority no requires to get the server location just wants to troubleshoot the technical difficulties. This troubleshooting can be done by staying out of the office.

How to Connect Fingerprint Reader from a Remote Location

Step-1: First of all, you want to know the fingerprint reader’s IP number. For this make sure you can ping it from any computer on the same LANE as the fingerprint reader. You can easily find out the IP address.

Step-2: Zkteco technology branded access control uses UDP port 4370. This port is rarely can be changed so you can understand this is the right port.

Step 3: You need to have static IP or might use Dynamic DNS. For your information, most of the routers allow the Dynamic DNS option. If don’t know about this, simply google it. Hope you get the essential answer.

Step-4: Make sure your router support port forwarding and you want to have access to your computer.

Step-5: In the last step, you need a fingerprint reader manager application that let you control the access staying remote areas using administrator devices. Make sure this software should have the ability to support hostname instead of IP address while you don’t have static IP. Secondly, if using the 4370 port number, the fingerprint software should allow your own port number.

Now, you require to log into your router and configure port forwarding. You can google how to configure port forwarding for your own router. Now, you need to open any UDP port and redirect it to the local IP address of your fingerprint reader with 4370 port. Well done, now you can access your fingerprint device using your configured static IP or hostname and the port you have selected.

Where to Get Fingerprint Access Control installation Services

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