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How to Use Blackmagic ATEM Mini and Benefits?


Using the Blackmagic ATEM mini has some steps that you should follow one by one. Once you learned the using it, you surely fall in a great love to access its various features. Plus, it would allow you to make live stream lovelier. However, we have spilled this article into 2 sections-

  • How to use Blackmagic ATEM mini?
  • Why you should buy Blackmagic ATEM mini?

First of all, let’s know the procedures on how to use it. We hope this section will help you understanding if are a newbie or don’t have enough knowledge of using this Blackmagic design ATEM mini device.

How to use – The Procedure

Step-1: Connect Power

You need to connect the given plug to the power supply. There you need to use the supplied power adapter. In this case, 12V power supplies enough to provide the actual performance. If you have such a powered adapter then consider top use it. Moreover, the 12V DC battery is also good for this ATEM mini model. For the locking DC connector, ensure to tighten it correctly.

Step-2: Connect Monitoring

Those have ATEM Mini Pro, they can see if they connect the monitor to the HDMI out. For this, ensure to press the M/V button on the video output selection. Now it will show all the sources that already plugged in cameras.

Step-3: Plugin the video source

In this step, connect your HDMI cameras and computers into ATEM mini’s HDMI inputs located at the backside. These 4 input option has four individual video sources that let you switch one to another to capture the program more engaging. For your information, all the inputs of HDMI have standard functionality with different video setting options. 

Step-3: Connect the computer

Know that whenever you connect the ATEM mini to your computer, the computer will recognize it as a web camera. Then you need to choose it as a webcam source in your streaming software, not a webcam. For example, skype is software where need to select the webcam.  

Step-3: Stream video

At the last step, this is time to stream videos. But initially, you can run a test to check whether you set up all the plug and software correctly. To check you can choose skype to test the performance.

In skype, select the Blackmagic design ATEM mini as the audio and video source. The preview result will be displayed on the computer or laptop monitor and finally, you also make the call for underrating better. 

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Why you should buy Blackmagic ATEM mini?


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We cannot finish saying the reasons why you would buy ATEM mini of Blackmagic brand. Yet here we look over the benefits of buying this ATEM device.

Easy to learn and use

You rarely find a switcher that works well like this Blackmagic ATEM model. The 4 input button response instantly as soon as you press on it to cut between vised sources. Another feature is the choice cut or effect transition option by the cut or audio buttons. Otherwise, you will find various mind-blowing feathers that will enrich your video streaming experience.

Live stream interviews making

It is worth making interviews by connecting multiple cameras aiming to close up to the interviewee or hots. Plus, the wide shots plus ATEM mini is enough smaller that a host can switch in the small studios. It let you recording by HDMI output and making live streaming using an open broadcaster software.

Holding business presentation by skype software

Skype sees the ATEM mini as a webcam so you can hold a business presentation using this device. Simply choose it in skype settings. One camera can be used for a close-up, the other camera is for wide shots and a computer can be used for powerpoint performance. 

Giving teaching and training

ATEM mini is suitable for educational purposes. You can covey it anywhere to hold an educational class or meetings. Just connect the camera and computer and next connect ATEM software panel to give titles and effects of videos.

Adding exiting video effects

Another remarkable feature of Blackmagic ATEM mini is adding exciting video effects into the videos. Yes, to get professional video quality these effects are very important. There are 6 effects like fade, dip, wide, DVA push, DVA squeeze, graphic wipe. Each effect makes the videos more engaging.


Without the mentioned features there are various features you will discover after purchasing the Blackmagic ATEM mini. In a word, this device could a canny choice for producing the full professional video with more convenience. You can buy this product from us ate Bangladesh. We import and provide 100% original products around Bangladesh.

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