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Licensed Walkie-Talkie in Bangladesh


Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), is announced of SBR is license-free Walkie Talkie radio in 245-246 MHz frequency band is free for the local citizen. To use License free walkie talkie first time and only one time must pay 6,325 Taka (Included VAT) as a bank draft or pay the order.

After Checking all necessary documents are right then BTRC will issue and demand a note or station charge 690 x N (Number of radio). Each year user must pay 690 takas to BTRC. All license-free walkie talkie transmit at 0.5W which means they have a limited range compared to licensed two-way business radios which transmit at up to 1 watt.

license free walkie talkie

A walkie talkie is short-range wireless communications possible in places where cell phone networks struggle for their survival. License-free walkie-talkies are easy to use and beneficial for several industries and other places. These include construction companies, hospitals, event management companies, tour guides, hospitality industries, etc.

If you are looking for the best place to buy license-free walkie-talkies, AIRCOM is the brand that you can look upon without any dilemmas and doubts. It is a leading provider of world-class wireless-radio communication equipment and is amongst the first in Bangladesh to manufacture superior Digital Radio products from its state-of-the-art facility.

Which is the best License Free Two Way Walkie Talkie?

AIRCOM would argue they make the best walkie talkies and Midland argues they make the best walkie talkies. We try to help our customers find the best two-way radio for their application versus the most expensive two-way radio we can sell.

That said, the more expensive the walkie talkie, the more features you’ll get. The top of the line Motorola and Midland Models are also the most expensive models in this category.

If you want to know Bangladesh Government Law for Walkie Talkie or license-free-walkie-talkie-in-Bangladesh, Please click here.

9 thoughts on “Licensed Walkie-Talkie in Bangladesh

  1. This type of information helps us to know about walkie-talkies like how to use walkie-talkies and what kind of document we need to submit in BTRC etc.
    I hope this company site is trusted in bangladesh.

    1. এইখানে ফ্রি বলতে বুঝানো হয়েছে। এই ফ্রিকুইন্সি পাবলিকলি ফ্রি/উন্মুক্ত। ফি বা স্টেশন চার্জ নেওয়া হয় অনুমোদন প্রক্রিয়ার জন্য যা সরকার কর্তৃক নির্ধারিত।

  2. Hello,
    I would like to know detail procedure for licensing if you can assist with providing 10 set. Please mail me back. Thanks

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