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LUMENS VC A51S PTZ Camera – Reviewed


At present, Lumens camera is dominating the camera industry by manufacturing various kinds of camera models. They especially prioritize the users’ demand and apply the updated technology that usually requires by the users.


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However, today we have focused on LUMENS VC A51S PTZ Camera. We reviewed this model according to the user’s feedback, ratings, and reviews. Let’s dive into the main topic. Let’s dive into the features.

Dual-color option

Our pick had gone to this model for having some remarkable features and that is the dual-color option. It is perfect for several kinds of environments. Those people worry about using the PTZ camera in several environments, we recommend this model as they can easily get a superb performance through it.

Noise reduction technology

Undoubtedly, the noise spoils the attention of a meeting. Only buying a non-quality PTZ camera could be the main cause of this issue. From this regard, we suggest you pick this LUMENS VC A51S PTZ model of camera to achieve your potential performance.

Meant, you certainly get 1005 clear sound quality. The manufacturer used noise reduction technology, so no chance of getting any unwanted noise or harsh sound.

Multi option


To use it with more convenience. You find the various options in the back parts. Each option allows you to get a superb performance.

Full HD video format

This camera model provides 100% HD quality video that is rare in non-standard PTZ cameras. This Lumens VC A51S delivers a 1080p full HD format video.


The viewers would discover you in HD format. There is no chance of blur video or sticky video. As soon as you will be connected through it, the people from the opposite side will watch you clearly.

Supports wide dynamic range (WDR)

It supports a wide dynamic range (WDR) that offers a vivid image even under backlighting. This range keeps you connected for a long time. Less chance of getting disconnected even when you go a long distance. The wide range of capabilities is enough to hold a meeting or conference. This camera also supports a manual white balance function for a complex lighting environment.

Variable zoom ratio

It comprised 240 times variable zoom ratio. 20x optical zoom with 12x digital zoom. Zooming the video let you watch the video closely so you can realize what’s going on. Even it let you watch the tiny objects by zooming. Besides, 3G-SDI, DVI-I synchronous image output. That is another plus point of this Lumens VC A51S PTZ camera.


This camera moves very fast as it can move at a maximum of 360 degrees. The moving system horizontal and vertical. So while a speaker presses his/her mic unit button. It responded very quickly. Meaning, it rotates fast to aim at the speaker.

Compatible for different conferences

It is used almost in most of the conferences, meetings, and lectures. If you buy this model then you can use it for different purposes.

How to buy LUMENS VC A51S PTZ Camera in Bangladesh?

There are several ways to buy this product. You may get it online or directly visit the showroom/shop to purchase it. Nowadays people are getting involved online. You might collect this camera from an online vendor/shop/seller. You just need to make sure you got a trustworthy seller if determine to buy online.

From this perspective, we (Olefins Trade Corporation) are an authorized seller who supplies this PTZ camera in Bangladesh. We can deliver all of our products to your places where you prefer to receive them.Olefins-shop

However, in case you need this camera at an affordable price then we can assure providing you the best Lumens Camera A51S model within your budget. You just need to place an order to get it. Contact us by this numbers 0255020006; 01979-300-940, 01719-300-940. Or email us at

Why you buy this camera from us?

  • We are a registered seller/vendor in Bangladesh.
  • We provide 100% original products.
  • We supply all of our products at reasonable prices.
  • We offer long time service warranty against your purchased products.
  • We deliver among Bangladesh.
  • We will get after-selling support from us.

Finally, buying genuine products could be a bit tricky. If you find a genuine seller then you can hope for the best item. (Buy this Product now)

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