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Category: Access Control

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  • Multimedia Pop Up Connection Socket Box for Table

    • Multimedia Outlet Box is made from zinc-(ZA) alloys, recessed part is made by the metal.
    • Hubs and connection box configuration: 2 universal power, 2 RJ45 network, 1 HDMI, 1 USB data, 1 VGA and 1 x 3.5 mm audio. Color: Black/Silver.
    • Panel size: 10.5″ x 4.6″ (266 x 117mm), suggested hole cut size: 8.9″ x 4.33″ (225 x 110mm).
    • The top of is designed to open gracefully and close softly with the damping mechanism adapted.
    • Easy to install. Press the button to open the outlet socket then gain access to the connections. Close the top when not in use.
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  • DF200 Single Fingerprint Livescaner

    The DF200 Module is a lightweight, ultrathin, optical, single-finger livescan capture device. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, high sensitivity, and high signal-noise ratio. The entire module has a smaller size and stronger interface versatility.

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  • ZKteco Smart PadLock Fingerprint

    1. Easy to operate

    2. Easy to carry, small and lightweight

    3. USB rechargeable & extremely long battery life

    4. Widely used for locker, door, and bag

    5. Low battery warning

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  • ZKteco TL300B Advanced Bluetooth & Fingerprint Lock

    • 100 users capacity
    • Three languages English/Spanish- portugues
    • Semi-conductive Fingerprint Sensor
    • Voice Guide
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Mobile Management
    • Lockout Mode
    • 02 colors dull nickel and black
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  • ZKTeco ZM100 Face Recognition Smart Lock

    • The ZKTeco ZM100 smart lock comes with hybrid biometric recognition technology.
    • Zinc alloy material
    • 100 users capacity
    • 4000 mAh durable battery
    • Provide high security unlock way by safety mode – Face + Fingerprint.
    • Reversible design to fit all doors in open directions.
    • Rechargeable lithium battery.
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  • ZKTeco MB560-VL Time Attendance & Access Control


    ZKteco MB560-VL access control system is a multi-biometric identification terminal featuring ZKTeco’sinnovative Visible Light Facial Recognition technology. With the latest algorithm and facial recognition-related technologies, the device can perform recognition of a target in a distance from 0.3m to 2m and will function automatically when it detects a face in the detection distance so as to deliver better recognition quality in terms of speed and accuracy than the previous near-infrared facial recognition terminal.

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  • ZKTeco MB10-VL Access Control & Time Attendance Device


    Visible Light Facial Recognition
    Anti-Spoofing Algorithm Against Print Attack (Laser, Color, And B/W Photos), Videos Attack And 3D Mask Attack
    Multiple Verification Methods: Face / Fingerprint / Card / Password
    TCP/IP Network And USB Host
    Standard With Built-In SSR Excel Software
    Simple Access Control

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  • ZKteco TDM95E USB Temperature Detection Module

    • TDM95E is an indoor USB Module used for Temperature Detection
    • USB Communication
    • Temperature Measurement Distance: 3cm to 5cm
    • Temperature Measurement Range: 32.0°C to 42.9°C or 89.6°F to 109.22°F Deviation: ±0.3°C or ±0.54°F
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  • ZKteco VR10 Pro Reader Sensor Vehicle Detector Device |

    • Support Vehicle And People Detection
    • Flexible Installation; Easy Debugging
    • Immunity To Ambient Weather Conditions
    • Detection Distance Can Be Adjusted From 1m – 6m
    • Support RS485 Communication Can Be Upgraded And Debugged Online
    • Straight Boom (Default); Folding Boom, Fence Boom, And Advertising Boom (Optional)
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  • EM4100 125kHz Printable Access RFID Card

    • Contactless transmission of data and supply energy (no battery needed)
    • Operating distance: Up to 1 to 5 cm (Depending on Antenna Geometry)
    • Operating frequency: 125KHz
    • Data transfer: 106 kbit/s
    • Data integrity: 16 Bit CRC, parity, bit coding bit counting
    • Anti-collision
    • Printable
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  • Hundure RTA600PE Time Attendance System

    1. Up modem and TCP/IP (external converter required).

    2. LCD Display of the date

    3. Timecard number shift schedules

    4. Cardholder name

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  • HUNDURE HTA-830PE Time Attendance System

    1. 16 Duty Timetable.

    2. 32 sets siren output.

    3. Memory full warning.

    4. Suitable for chains and enterprises.

    5. Built-in TCP/IP communication interface to PC.

    6. The watchdog function ensures the device is free from halting.

    8. At least 60 days of data storage in case of a power outage.

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  • Hundure RAC-960 Fingerprint Access Control

    • Bell key design. Suit for various locations.
    • Casing tamper proof detection and door tamper alarm.
    • Support swipe card and swipe card with pin codes enter modes.
    • The memory of the standard model is 18,000 cardholders (max) and 18,000 events.
    • Another model with 170,000 events storage is available for optional purchase.
    • Unique ID or Block read format supported. (RAC-960PM)
    • Slim, stylish design with waterproof sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight and many more.

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  • Hundure HAC-100PE/PM Standalone Access Controller

    1. The memory capacity supports 40,000 cardholders and 40,000 events.

    2. On-board lithium battery ensures data storage up to 1 year upon power outage.

    3. Standalone operation & setting function; Supports to add unrestricted cardholders

    4. Supports entry modes through card swipe or card swipe with Pin code.

    5. Color LCD display graphic menu: Icons for the user, parameter setting, system
    setting, communication setting, and device information

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  • Hundure RAC-2200 Fingerprint Reader & Time Attendance System

    Hundure RAC-2200 fingerprint reader time attendance system has 128 time zones and schedules, 8 times conditional unlock door schedules, 100 holiday schedules per year, maximum 15000 card/event capacity, built-in RS232 / RS485 interface, optical coupled isolated sensors for alarm and reader tamper, blacklist and 50 sets visitor card, anti-passback, and duress card/code setting.

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  • HUNDURE RAC-960PE Standalone Access Control System

    • Bell key design. Suit for various locations.
    • Casing tamper-proof detection and door tamper alarm.
    • Support swipe card and swipe card with pin codes enter modes.
    • The memory of the standard model is 40,000 cardholders (max) and 100,000 events.
    • Unique ID or Block read format supported. (RAC-960PM V2.0)
    • Slim, stylish design with waterproof sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight.
    • Conforms to ISO 14443A standard; supporting Mifare card. (RAC-960PM V2.0)

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What is access control system?

Access control systems are the most demanding device to keep control of access of authorized and non-authorized people. It is a set of multiple pieces of equipment. The main purpose of access control is to control the access of employees and staff. It allows to get access to authorized peoples and restrict unauthorized people to get entry.

The Latest Access Control Price in Bangladesh (BD)

বিঃ দ্রঃ – বর্তমানে অস্থিতিশীল বাজার দরের কারনে উল্লেখিত দামের সাথে বর্তমান দামের কমবেশি পার্থক্য হতে পারে।

How access control system works?

An access control security system essentially works with PIN, fingerprint, RFID-based access control, and face unlock systems. Some devices have these four mechanisms and some devices have only 2 features. Users can use 4 individual features at a time or can use single, two, or three features.

In the fingerprint term, the fingerprint of a user or an authorized person needs to record into the device by using the device’s software. The PIN, face, and ID card access control systems work the same. That meant all the user’s data need to record.

The types of access control

Two types of access control systems we find in the marketplace attendance system type and just fingerprint time attendance access control system. Attendance type works by fingerprint, card, PIN, and face with keeping the entry/exit report. This system automatically operates by the access control system software built by the device brand.

The access control & time attendance system device records the all attendance of the employees/users like when entered and then get out. Most offices, industries, and large apartments use this attendance type

Secondly, some devices just control access by fingerprint, RFID card, PIN, and face without keeping any data. Most users choose attendance and access type since they get data with a controlling access facility.

What equipment includes in an access control system?

Some equipment included like main access control device, EM lock, bracket, push button, adapter, and accessories. This equipment needs to install in a door from where employees get in and out. To keep only the attendance, no equipment needs with the main device.

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 Benefits of access control system

Access control systems have great benefits, especially for security control and next for attendance. There are several benefits below –

1. Control over the access

Using a digital access control system reduces unauthorized access. It also reduces crimes that happen by the unauthorized person’s entry into the office, building, or restricted zone. Every restricted area can use this system where only specific persons are allowed to take entry.

Without authorized people, no one can take entry into that area. As this system works by fingerprint, PIN, face, and card, there is no chance to get access by using the device by the unofficial people.

2. The smart way of access

The time has gone when people kept the individual key to them to unlock the door. This system knocked the typical method. Only a single device work for thousands of people at a time.

For example, if any company has about 1000 employees, so they don’t need to keep keys one by one. This system record all the employees’ data to give access. This way of accessing reduces troubles.

3. Keep records of employees

Managing a huge number of employees/people using their entry and outing time manually is an effort. If a device keeps all the records automatically and you just export the data when need, then you can lessen the labor and time. An access control system all the records of employees that use to calculate their late fines or more.

4. Protect assets from theft

Another remarkable benefit of access control is protecting assets from theft. As this system installs for a specific area, no one can go to the area.

5. Cost reducing

The employee access control systems maintain all employees’ arrival and departure times in an automated process. There is no need to assign a salaried person to keep the record manually,  a single device smartly can save your cost.

Why is access control needed?

There are several factors to choosing a smart access control system. It helps you in the entire access control management system of the employees and stuff without assigning a salary-based person, gets all data at a time, reduces labor and time, cost saving, etc. The main purpose is to ensure the restricted area’s security.

The access control system price in Bangladesh in 2023

Access control prices in BD depend on the features of the devices. Which device has 4 features fingerprint, card, and face PIN altogether, and its price is around 10,000-30,000 Tk. Only fingerprint, card, PIN capable device is slightly lower price around 4,000-9,000 tk.

When you install a full setup with EM-lock, bracket, adapter, and push button the cost could be at least around 15,000. You will get the updated price on access control in BD from us. Simply contact us at 01979300940, 01719300940.

Who is the access control system supplier in Bangladesh?

There are many suppliers in Bangladesh. But finding the best access control system and the supplier is a bit tough. From this perspective, we can assure you to offer the best access control and attendance system in Bangladesh. We have a lot of experience in this industry.

We install  ZKteco access control, Virdi, Nitgen, Fingertech, Hundure, fingerprint machine, Real-Time, Suprema, Aircom, and many more international leading brands. If you want to buy a specific model from this access control list above, you can call us at 01719300940 to know more and place the order.

We don’t only sell products, we provide solutions to access control problems and installation services. We hope you understand the access control system basics. To get any solution and product inquiry at 02-55020006, 01719300940, 01979300940.


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