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Category: Digital Voice Recorder

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  • Sony ICD-TX650 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

    • Thin and light enough to take with you anywhere
    • Store over 4000 files with 16GB of built-in memory
    • Clear recordings from the built-in microphone
    • Built-in micro USB connecter cable supplied
    • Intelligent noise cut playback
    • Built-In Microphone
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  • Sony ICD-UX570F Digital Voice Recorder

    • Reduce background noise with Auto Voice Recording
    • Get a better sound with Auto Music Recording
    • Capture distant or quiet sounds with S-Microphone
    • Get to the point with Time Jump
    • Wider, brighter recording LED
    • Find what you need with minimum hassle
    • Turn it up with Playback Normalisation
    • See clearly with a larger OLED Display
    • USB direct connection for quick file transfer
    • Thin, light, and easy to carry
    • Expand your memory with the micro SD card slot
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  • Sony UX570 4GB Digital Voice Recorder

    • 4GB memory capacity
    • USB interface
    • Copy and move file capacity
    • Playback Format LPCM/MP3/AAC/WMA
    • Maximum Files Per Folder 199 and more
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  • Sony ICD-PX240 4GB Memory Digital Voice Recorder

    • Record MP3 audio and play it back through a 300mW speaker
    • Long battery life enables up to 32hrs recording (MP3 8kbps)
    • 4GB of memory lets you store up to 1043hrs (MP3 8kbps)
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  • Sony ICD-PX470 4GB Digital Voice Recorder


    Product Code: OTC2168

    The ICD-PX470 from Sony is a digital voice recorder with a built-in USB connection. It records in both linear PCM and MP3 formats and is suitable for capturing lectures, meetings, notes, and even live music.

    It requires no cable to communicate with your computer; simply plug the unit into an available USB port on your computer to move files back and forth.

    The unit provides 4GB of built-in memory, but this is expandable via the microSD card slot. A calendar-search function renders finding your files a straightforward task.

    The audio quality of the recording is served by a low-cut filter for eliminating extraneous noise and rumble, as well as Auto Voice Recording mode, an S-microphone system, and adjustable options for capturing stereo or mono sources at close range and at a distance.

    The included AAA battery enables the unit to last for up to 55 continuous hours. Sound Organizer software for Windows is also included.

    • Record in Linear PCM (WAV) & MP3 Formats
    • Internal 4GB Memory & microSD Expansion
    • Onboard Stereo S-Microphone System
    • Up to 1,073 Hours of Recording Time
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