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Category: Call Station

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  • BOSCH LBB 4430 Call Station Basic

    • Redundant network connection
    • Power ‘ON’ indication
    • Status/fault indications
    • The indication that the priority level of destinations is
    • higher than that of the pending announcement
    • Supervision of the microphone capsule
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  • Bosch PRS-CSI Call Station Interface


    Product Code: OTC2472

    The PRS-CSI is an interface between a single remote call station, PRS-CSR, or a remote call station kit, PRS-CSRK, and the fiber optical Praesideo network. It uses CAT-5 cable for the connection to the remote call station. The CAT-5 cable, carrying digital audio and control data, can be as long as 1 km.

    The length of the CAT-5 cable is not a part of the Praesideo optical network length. This considerably increases the overall possible length of the optical network, especially in cases, where the call station is located far from the rest of the system.
    The call station interface can get its power from the Praesideo network, and/or from a local power supply. It is fully supervised.

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  • BOSCH LBB 4430/00 Call Station Basic


    Product Code: OTC2471

    The call station basic can make manual or prerecorded announcements to any pre-assigned zones. The call station basic has a microphone on a flexible stem, a push-to-talk button, a speaker, and a headset socket. The LBB 4430/00 can be extended with up to 16 keypads (LBB 4432/00 or LBB 4434/00), each with eight programmable keys. Extension with a numeric keypad (PRS-CSNKP) is also possible. The call station has a cardioid, supervised microphone on a gooseneck stem with good speech intelligibility.


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