Metal Detector

What is Metal Detector?

Underground metal detector or treasure detector whatever you, but this equipment is very useful to find out the hidden/buried metal things underground. We have these kinds of machines from different brands especially the Allosun brand.

You probably know Allosun is a reputed brand that manufactures the world’s first-class electrics devices and equipment. However, we also sell the security metal detectors used by the duty guards. Call us to know more. 01979-300940; 01719-300940; 02-55020006

Underground Metal detector price in Bangladesh are very reasonable starting from ৳ 6,000 to ৳ 50,000 Taka. Our all metal detector is working with Treasure Hunter, Gold Digger, and many more features. Call us to know more about price and latest stock update.

Latest Underground Metal price in List Bangladesh (BD) 2023.

Underground Metal Detector Model List Price in BD
Allosun TS130 Underground Metal Detector ৳ 16,000
ALLOSUN TS180 Blue Waterproof Handheld Metal Detector ৳ 12,000
CS-3D Underground Metal Detector ৳ 18,000
TMD9020C LCD Underground Metal Detector ৳ 13,000
TX850 Professional Underground Metal Detector ৳ 28,000
Gs 6000 Underground Gold Metal Detector ৳ 26,000
AR944M Underground Gold Digger Metal Detector ৳ 14,500

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