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  • TIANXUN PD-140 Handheld Body Scanner

    • High sensitivity
    • Detects both magnetic and non-magnetic metals
    • Very high reliability
    • Easy to use
    • Optical, acoustical and vibration alarm
    • Long battery life
    • Self-calibrating
    • Fast inductive battery charger
    • Shock resistant – ABS
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  • TIANXUN MD-3003 Handheld Body Scanner

    Detection distance: 15cm-20cm
    The sensitivity is decided by the size, shape and the component of metal
    Battery: 9V battery or rechargeable battery
    Power: 270mW
    Operating frequency: 22 KHz
    Operating current: <50mA
    Operating voltage range: 7~9V
    Temperature range: -5℃~55℃
    Net weight: 280g
    Size: 39.5(L)X6.8(W)X3.2(H)

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  • GARRETT Super Wand Handheld Metal Detector

    • Optimum sensitivity: detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband and other metal objects.
    • Self-calibrating: digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.
    • The elongated profile provides 8.75″ scan area 360° detection coverage plus tip pinpointing for easy scanning from head to foot.
    • Easy and convenient to use with one-touch button and three-color LED lights. Green LED light indicates ON;
    • Amber LED indicates LOW BATTERY: Red LED indicates ALARM.
    • Clear audible or Silent / Vibrate LED alarm signal.
    • Rugged injection molded construction including structurally isolated coil for added impact absorption.
    • Exceeds Mil-Std-810F (drop test) Method 516.5, procedures II and IV.
    • Ergonomically designed grip fits comfortably in virtually any size hand.
    • Easy ON/OFF battery cover: standard 9V battery included. Optional rechargeable battery kit available.
    • Power switch and LEDs positioned for easy access and high visibility.
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  • TIANXUN GC-1001 Handheld Scanner

    (1) Easy and convenient to operate.
    (2) The manual part makes skidproof design.
    (3) Two sides both alarm with flashing red light when detecting metal articles.
    (4) Low battery waste: no waste when stop working, below 1mA when working.
    (5) High detection speed: preparation for the next detect operation only need 0.1 seconds.
    (6) Super-high accuracy and sensitivity that be able to detect very small metals (up to 0.1g).
    (7) The system be able to inspect power source and battery failure, power insufficient.
    (8) Alarm in different sounds according to different metals, and connect earphone available in harmonious surroundings.
    (9) Detection distance: Detect a pin at 35mm distance.
    (10) Reset Function: Press Reset will make the detector return to the normal detection mode.

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  • TIANXUN MD-3003B1 Handheld Scanner

    (1) Highly sensitive;
    (2) Simple and convenient to use, no adjustment is required;
    (3) The detection distance will not be changed when the battery voltage drops from 9V to about 7V;
    (4) Low power consumption, can work for 40 hours continuously;
    (5) Audio/vibration LED alarm;
    (6) There is automatic and continues alarm when the battery is used up;
    (7) Switch on/off audio or vibration prompt function;
    (8) High/low sensitivity

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  • TX-1001A Handheld Metal Detector

    (1) Use cycle-switch to switch sound alarm and hidden vibration alarm respectively
    (2) Adjustable sensitivity
    (3) High-sensitive, detect ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal
    (4) Sound and light alarm simultaneously
    (5) Alkaline cell (7v-9v) can work over 40 hours and distance does not change
    (6) Warn automatically when short of voltage

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  • TX-1001 Rechargeable Handheld Metal Detector

    The TX-1001 is a high performance Hand Held Metal Detector designed to meet the exact requirements of the security industry. The special design of it’s detecting area makes this model has very high sensitivity. It is adopted PC+ABS for mould material, and has functions of durable material, fine workmanship, and easy carry. The distinguishing feature is the streamlined design. Typical uses will include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected. It can be charged and has powerful functions, low battery indicator, LED with buzzer or viberation alarm. It is a good helper of security detecting

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  • TX-1001B Rechargeable Super Metal Scanner

    (1). Ultimate sensitivity: detects medium sized pistol from 9″ distance; large knife from 6″; razor blades and box cutters from 3″ distance; foil-wraped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1″.
    (2). Self-calibrating: digital microprocessor technology eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.
    (3). Rugged, high-impact ABS case with reinforced coil compartment.
    (4). Large 10″ scan suface for quick, thorough scanning.
    (5). No tools required to change standard 9V battery. Optional rechargeable battery kit available.
    (6). Sharp audible alarm and bright red LED light and viberation indicates the detection of metal.
    (7). Color LED indication: Green LED power ON indicator; Red LED LOW BATTERY indicator; Red LED ALARM indicator; Green LED RECHARGING indicator.
    (8). Adjustable sensitivity knob.
    (9). Warranty: 12 months, parts and labor

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  • TIANXUN MD-3000 Non-Ferrous Metal Detector

    The MD-3000 High Sensitivity Handset Metal Detector is the upgraded product.MD3000 non-ferrous metal detector is the first hand-held metal detector which could distinguish ferrous and non-ferrous.The product uses the CMOS-IC to detect the ferromagnetic objects (metal object) more quickly. Compared with the traditional Detector, it adopts more advanced audio-visual alarm and shock alarm with higher detecting sensitivity and more accurate alarm. And it also has more affordable price, more economies power consumption, longer working hours. Meanwhile, the Detector has nice out-look, small in size, light in weight, compactable, convenient in operation, and shock-resistance. So it is an excellent tool to help you to inspect illegal goods. At present, the High Sensitivity Handset Metal Detector has been adopted by the 21st World University Games, The Great Hall of the People, Beijing Bureau for Public Security etc

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  • Garrett 1165180 Handheld Metal Detector


    Garrett Super Scanner 1165180 Hand Held Metal Detector Model NO : 1165180 Brand : GARRETT Made in USA Turn on (Green LED Will illuminate ) and Scan approximately 2″ from Searcharen Audio and Red LED indicate metal. If Nearby metal (e.g. rebar ) causes interference while scanning, press and hold Interface Elimination Button. Change (Charge )Battery when Amber LED illuminates. Download catalog.

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  • Super Scanner Hand-Held Metal Detector


    Garrett’s Super Scanner™ is the most recognized hand-held metal detector in the world. The new Super Scanner™ V includes both audible and vibrating alarm options and extended battery life. Super Scanner™ V detects ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel weapons, contraband, and other metallic objects. An audible or vibrating alarm indicates the detection of metal.

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  • JKDM-3003B1 Hand Held Metal Detector


    MD-3003B1 super scanner is a high-performance handheld metal detector designed to meet the exact requirements of the security industry. Typical uses will include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport, and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects, and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected.

    Hand-held Metal detectors designed to safeguard security-sensitive are like schools, courtrooms, corrections facilities, sports events, businesses, nightclubs, bars, and other public areas and events.

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  • ESH-10 Hand Held Metal Detector

    Product Code: OTC2254
    1. Rugged, high-impact ABS case with reinforced coil compartment.
    2. Ergonomic grip fits comfortably in every hand. One switch operation, 1 minute to handle this unit, very easy to use.
    3.Can detect all kinds of metal object: Metal and Non-metal
    4. Can exchange sound alarm and vibration alarm freely
    5. Simple to use, three control keys: On-off key, sound alarm key, and vibration alarm key
    6. Has default best sensitivity, no need to adjust
    7. Low voltage indicator
    8. Easy to change and insert the battery
    9. Has charging plug
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  • GARRETT Handheld Metal Detector

    • Quality tested and ensured for maximum durability
    • Designed with only the toughest, roughest users in mind
    • Comfort and Performance come hand in hand with Rothco
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  • ZKTeco ZKD100S Hand Held Metal Detector

    • Security detecting: Prevent taking contraband, such as knives, guns, and so on.
    • Factory: Prevent the loss of valued objects.
    • Education area: Prevent taking cheat-tool, such as telephone, electronic dictionaries, and so on.
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A metal detector is an electronic security tool that detects the presence of a metal object nearby. If you use this detector, you can reduce the unexpected incident that occurs by criminals. Check here the handheld metal detector price in Bangladesh. All the models are super-performer that can detect any type of metal easily from 9 inches away. So there is no chance of risk that usually happens by metal objects. In addition, we can supply Garrett metal detector, Super Scanner, UNIQSCAN, ZKTeco, and Defense Plus brand Hand Held Metal Detector in Bangladesh. You will see always the latest price on our website.

What is price range of Metal Detector in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh Metal detector market different types of Metal Detector Available. Like Garrett Metal Detector, ZKTeco Metal Detector, Super Scanner Metal Detector and many more. Price Maximum 2000 to 6000 Taka.

Please check our latest Metal Detector price in Bangladesh 2024

Metal Detector Model in Bangladesh Price in Bangladesh
ZKTeco ZKD100S Hand Held Metal Detector ৳ 2,200
GARRETT Handheld Metal Detector ৳ 2,700
Super Scanner Hand-Held Metal Detector ৳ 2,400


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