Guard Patrol System

What is Guard Patrol System?

We offered the best guard patrol system price in Bangladesh. Guard Patrol System is a smart way to monitor guards. It helps security companies and organizations to manage their guards/patrolmen. It helps to know whether the patrolmen/guard doing their duty on time correctly and rounding the duty places t on time. We sell JWM, ZKTeco Guard tour System in Bangladesh.

To Know to How to Guard Tour System Work

In a word, patrol devices are very important in the day or night time to reduce any losses. To get its advantages, you need to purchase it from reliable verified suppliers. We can provide all types of guard patrol systems inside Bangladesh. You may call us at 01719300940 0r 01979300940 to know more.

We supply Guard tour system in Bangladesh, We also provide support Guard tour system installation issue. JWM is Best guard tour patrol system. Guard Tour System Software download from internet and easy to use. Guard patrol monitoring system use you can monitor all guard activity. Security guard checkpoint system also maintain guard patrolling.

Latest Guard Petrol System Price List 2023 Bangladesh (BD)

Guard Patrol System Model Price
JWM WM5000v5 Guard Tour Patrol Security System ৳ 21,000
JWM WM-5000V4S Security Guard Tour System

৳ 19,000

JWM WM-5000L5 Internet-Based Guard Tour System

৳ 30,000

JWM WM-5000 L4D 4G Real Time Guard Tour System

৳ 50,000

JWM WM-5000PH6 Android Guard Security System ৳ 44,500
JWM Orange Checkpoint ৳ 250
Round Checkpoint RFID Tags 125KHz ৳ 200

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