Megaphone is suitable to provide a louder voice for indoor and outdoor public address scenarios. Megaphone equipped with Built-in Siren, Hand Grip, Shoulder Strap, and portable audio system. We sell TOA, UNIPEX, Show, and many more brands. These brands are world first-class brands.

Hand mike or Megaphone is a voice louder system when you speak into it. This is sometimes raising your voice is not enough to be heard in the crowd area. Hand Mike will be absolutely perfect for you in this situation. Buy Handmike at the best price from OLEFINS Shop. You can call us at 01719300940; 01979300940 for this gadget.

Megaphone Price List 2023 in Bangladesh

Megaphone Model in BD Megaphone price in BD
TOA ER-3215 Handheld Megaphone ৳ 6,500
TOA ER-2230W Megaphone ৳ 16,500
TOA ER-520 6W Megaphone ৳ 4,000
Unipex TR 315 15w Waterproof Megaphone/Hand Mike ৳ 17,000
Unipex TRM 66A 25W Waterproof Megaphone ৳ 21,000
UNIPEX TRM-119 Waterproof Megaphone ৳ 22,000
Show ER-66 Series Megaphone ৳ 4,000
TOA ER-1206W Waterproof Megaphone with Whistle ৳ 16,000
TOA ER-2215 Heavy-Duty Megaphone ৳ 12,000

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