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What is PA system?

The full form of the PA system is a public address system though most people know shortly PA system in Bangladesh. PA system is a set of electrical equipment that permits someone to announce or play music, to be heard throughout a large building or area.

That meant, any type of equipment that makes sound is called a PA system or public address system. The main equipment of the PA system is a speaker, an amplifier, a microphone, cables, etc. The PA system works by connecting. For example, if you want to speak in a meeting then you need both speakers and a microphone amplifier.

How does the PA system work?

As the PA system is occupied by multiple pieces of equipment so if you learn the works of each piece of equipment then you can understand how it works. Let’s know the PA system diagram and how each piece of equipment works.

Speaker: The main work of the speaker is to output the voice captured by the microphone. But the voice doesn’t come directly comes through the microphone to the speaker. There is an amplifier that process the voice to give output to the speakers that we hear.

There are several types of speakers like column/box/wall/cabinet speakers, wireless pa speaker systems, and ceiling speakers. The ceiling types speak mount to the false roof of the building. Someone uses the speaker permanently on the concrete roof by making a large hole. Again the column speaker mounts directly to the wall.

Microphone: In the sector of PA system in Bangladesh, you will find different types of microphones like handheld microphones, tie or material microphones, head microphones, wireless handheld, and lavalier microphones. All types are connected to the amplifier.

Amplifier: A amplifier receives voice/sound from the microphone and gives output to the speakers. Without it, you can’t use only the microphone or speakers. That meant an amplifier a process house of sound like a kitchen of a house.

PA system cable: This cable connects the speakers and microphone to the amplifier. Both cables are different in type and price. The microphone cables are generally coaxial cables and the speaker cable is a general electrical cable. The PA system cable price in Bangladesh is for the microphone 80-90 tk. and for the speaker 30-40 tk per meter. We hope you understand the PA system mainly works by connecting.

The buying guide of the PA system in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, this is tough to find out the right PA system as you would find several brands of PA systems in Bangladeshi marketplaces. However, we never want that you fall into worry when wish to buy a PA system in Bangladesh. Here we have given a guideline that can help you to find out the right PA system in BD.

Speaker type: First of all, you need to choose what types of speakers you want, either wall/box speakers or ceiling speakers. choosing the ceiling speakers for the false ceiling is good. For mounting on the wall, you should choose the wall mount type speakers.

Plus, we suggest you select the same color and brand speaker for both the ceiling and wall. Because it will make the wall beautiful and won’t seem messy wall.

Speaker watt: This is the second important fact that you should not ignore. Yes, before buying a speaker in Bangladesh, ensure which watt capacity you need. If I express in detail, then the watt is the sound volume power of speakers.

For example, the 15-watt speaker’s sound volume is low than the 30, 45, and 60 watts. Wall mount speakers come with at least 15 watts and the ceiling speakers start from 6 watts. So, if you have a large room or space then choosing the more-watt speakers is ideal.

But remember, you have to choose an amplifier according to the speaker watt in total.

Suppose, you purchased 4 pcs speakers in 15-watt capacity. So the total watts is 60. That means you need to select an amplifier with at least a 60-watt capacity. Of course, the amplifier can be more watt capable but not less than 60 watts. Still, if you have confusion, simply call 01979300940, 01719300940.

Microphone: In this section, choose what type of microphone you need handheld, lavalier, or head type. Initially choosing a type will allow you to choose a brand next. To talk in a stable position, a handheld can be ideal.

Head type keeps attached to the head so users don’t need to hold the mic. The material or tie mic keeps attaching to the collar of the users. The tie microphone is also known as a collar microphone. Thus, make sure about your required microphone types.

Amplifier’s watt: This is another factor you have to prioritize. In above explained how an amplifier work and how to choose the watt capacity of an amplifier. In detail, choose an amplifier more than the total speaker’s watt. Another important point is the input and out ports located behind the amplifier. An amplifier can connect speakers, horn speakers, and mikes.

Pa system cable: Cable means both mic and speaker cable. Try to select cable made with 100% copper so you can get a long title service and need to change the cable in a short time.

Brand: Now it’s time to think about the brand. A good brand offers you a long-lasting service with quality sound. In this regard, there are many types of PA system brands in Bangladesh such as BOSCH, TOA, Ahuja, ITC, HTDZ, etc. The BOSCH and Toa give a long time service and the rest brands comparatively have less service period.

Aircom is another brand that has outstanding sound quality with long-term services. But to purchase a good branded PA system, you require to make a smart budget.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

We have made this section with the questions that are being asked by the people. We hope you will find your search question’s answer here.

What PA stands for?

Public address system or PA system

Which PA system is best?

This answer is up to you. That means, which type do you need like a permanent or portable PA system, restaurant PA system, mosque, classroom PA system, Bluetooth PA system, office room, etc? The portable type is handy anywhere and the fixed typed remain in the same place, can’t move. Yet, choosing the right gives you the preferred quality of sounds.

Is the PA system good for karaoke?

Yes, karaoke is a part of the PA system. In a word, which equipment is directly or indirectly related to producing a sound that is the PA system? So karaoke is included in the PA system industry.

Which PA system brand is best in Bangladesh?

BOSCH, TOA, Ahuja, ITC, HTDZ, etc. The BOSCH and Toa give a long time service and the rest brands comparatively have less service period.

Aircom is another brand that has outstanding sound quality with long-term services. But to purchase a good branded PA system, you require to make a smart budget.

Can I use the wireless mic with the PA system?

This is a very common question for users. Yes, it’s possible to use a wireless mic by connecting it to an amplifier. You should know, the wireless mic has a receiver that connects to the amplifier. Only the microphone is wired not the receiver. So it is possible.

Can I use the full set of PA systems from different brands?

We often get this question. The answer is “yes”. You can choose speakers, microphones, and amplifiers from 3 different brands.

What is the PA system price in Bangladesh?

The variation of the prices depends on the brand and quality. BOSCH is a German brand that manufactures high-end products. So logically its price is high. TOA, Aircom’s price is also a bit high but maintains standard qualities. These 3 PA system brand is popular in Bangladesh. Besides, other brands like ITC, HTDZ, and Ahuja have a low price range. They are also good in quality.

Who is the PA system supplier in Bangladesh?

We provide a wide range of outdoor and indoor public address solutions, including installation facilities and PA system service after sales. We are a professional system installer of the Public Address System in BD. Our major product is BOSCH, TOA, and ITC.

So check here the PA system price in Bangladesh. Call us at 01719300940 to get the complete solution about the PA system in Bangladesh. We provide complete PA system solutions in Bangladesh.

Still, have queries? Ask your question in the comment box or call us at 01979300940, 01719300940. Or you can directly come to our office to discuss your requirement.

The List of the Latest PA System Price in Bangladesh – 2023 

BOSCH LC3-UC06 Ceiling Speaker   2,220৳
TOA PC-648R Ceiling Speaker 2,300৳
TOA TH-652 Horn Speaker with Driver Unit 10,000৳
Class Room Sound System  35,000৳
Mosque Sound System 30,000৳

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