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  • BOSCH PVA 20CSE Call Station Extension


    The BOSCH PVA 20CSE is a Call Station Extension for the Paviro System. The Call Station Extension has 20 customization selection buttons.

    • 20 free customizable functions keys, and two LEDs per button (green/red).
    • The LED of BOSCH PVA 20CSE shall also be programmable for its own indication functionality.
    • Fascia cover with transparent areas for customizable labels.
    • RJ12 cable for data connection to call station or another keypad.
    • Max. 5 keypads per call station.
    • Sends & receives operational control to and from the call station
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  • BOSCH PVA-15CST Call Station

    • Five menu/function keys (pre-programmed) – one green or one yellow indicator light per button
    • 15 selection buttons (customizable) – two indicator lights (green/red) per button
    • Label with transparent covering – the label can be changed at any time
    • BOSCH PVA-15CST Call Station can be used as a standing or desk/rack flush-mounted device
    • Internal monitoring with error logging – complying with all relevant national and international standards
    • Easy configuration – use of the Configuration Wizard or IRIS-Net software
    • Button installation slots for up to 3 optional emergency buttons, or key switches
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  • BOSCH PVA 2P500 PAVIRO Power Amplifier


    The BOSCH PVA 2P500 PAVIRO power amplifier is a 2 x 500 Watt professional audio Class D-amplifier for evacuation purposes. It can be operated from both the mains and a DC supply.

    • Floating 100 V or 70 V power outputs
    • High efficient amplifier blocks in class-D technology
    • Outputs idling and short circuit-protected
    • Mains operation 120–240 V (50/60 Hz) and/or 24 V DC emergency backup
    • Electronically balanced inputs
    • Temperature monitoring function
    • Pilot tone and ground fault monitoring function via PVA-4CR12 controller or PVA-4R24 router
    • Processor control of all functions
    • Monitoring of the processor system via watchdog circuit
    • Non-volatile FLASH memory for configuration data
    • Internal monitoring function
    • Integrated audio relays
    • Line monitoring function
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  • BOSCH PVA 4R24 PAVIRO Router


    The Bosch PVA-4R24 24 Zone Router is a zone extension for the PAVIRO system enabling the addition of 24 zones, 20 GPIs, 24 GPOs, and 2 control relays to the system and is controlled and supervised via the CAN bus by the PVA-4CR12

    • Routing up to 24 zones from 2–500 Watt
    • Low power consumption in standby mode
    • Extreme flexibility
    • Excellent sound quality > 103 dB s/n ratio
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  • BOSCH PAVIRO PVA 4CR12 Controller


    The PVA-4CR12 controller is the central paging manager for the PAVIRO system. Eight local audio inputs can be switched to four audio outputs. A two channel message manager is integrated. The controller provides all the audio processing, supervision and control functions for a complete PAVIRO system.

    • Low power consumption in standby mode
    • Extreme flexibility
    • Excellent sound quality >106 dB s/n ratio
    • Up to 85 minutes internal digital message storage
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BOSCH Paviro is a unique, high-quality Public Address system. This is EN54 certified Voice Evacuation System that seamlessly integrates with additional equipment to deliver high-quality music.

PAVIRO an extremely wide variety of application requirements, it also delivers best-in-class performance in quality, ease of installation, and versatility. The dynamic system range with more than 100 dB signal-to-noise ratio and very low channel crosstalk together deliver excellent professional sound quality.

This includes small- to mid-sized offices, regional airports, mid-sized hotels, factories, schools, and department stores. PAVIRO system can address up to 984 zones with a total of 164,000 watts of amplifying power in one system.


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