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What is the PABX system?

PABX system is a system that connects more than one telephone or IP phone at a time and gets connected. People also call PABX PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Both are the nearly same. A PABX system needs when a company needs phone support from the customers, and suppliers, and needs to contact through phone from outside.

PABX is an upgraded communication business solution that keeps connected by multiple lines in the house or offices and outside. The main purpose of PABX is to communicate internally and outside by minimizing the cost of using the WiFi and IP number.

It allows a house or company to use a single access number with several extensions to use for a large area. This system is cheaper than the typical access landline number linked to the public networks. People often get confused about PABX and PBX.

What is the Difference Between PBX and PABX?

The works of these two systems are similar though PABX is an upgraded version of the traditional PBX system. There use PBX systems use telephone networks in any organization. The operators use their hands to plug wires to close the circuit. This mechanism connects two people using POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).

On the other hand, the PABX system operates by a computer to automate the switching process. This is the main difference between PBX and PABX systems.

Nowadays, a PBX system can refer to both automated and manual systems. Users can host an internet-based PBX in the cloud. It can also connect on-promise equipment using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking.

How Does a PABX System Work?

PABX mainly works like a mini version of a public telephone exchange. In typical system has both hardware and software. To do it, there need several pieces of equipment like telephone sets, routers, adapters, switches, etc. Using the PABX system, a company can use its internal phone networks using local extension numbers.

PABX works like a mini version of a public telephone exchange. A typical system has both software and hardware. These include telephone units, routers, fax machines, modems, hubs, adapters, and switches. It allows using multiple phones set to communicate internally without using the landline number. This meant, users, can communicate with each other with a single button press by Wi-Fi. So this system remarkably can lessen your cost. This system also receives the call with recorded messages.

The internal communication held by extension numbers 101, 102, and 103 r different. As an example, the telephone set occupied number 101 is at your desk. Now you need to contact your colleague seated at a different table. His extension number is 104. So just need to dial 104 from your telephone set. That’s it, he will receive and talk to us. This system no requires using landlines that are usually costly. It needs just Wi-Fi or an internet connection.

Even this system can connect both IP and landline numbers. That means users can use this system in their ways such as IP number, local landline number, and internal communication using WiFi. Some telephone models come without a landline connection module. In this case, you need an extra module to activate the landline number.

As the many telephone set is connected to a specific PABX machine, so everyone can communicate with each other. For example, when someone calls the landline number from outside, there will be ringing at every phone set as all phones are connected to a specific PABX system. Once anyone picks up the phone, the rest phones stop ringing.

Similarly, users can make outgoing calls too. Of course, there is a calling charge applied. IP number can be used in this system. That is why you need to connect an IP number to the system. The IP number provides ISP provider. Using an IP number cost less than a landline TNT number. Even is used to communicate inside the country and abroad.

What are the features of the PABX or PBX system?

A PABX system knocks out the traditional telephone system by several features. Using more phone units than their physical phone lines is the main feature of it. And internal communication is free whereas another communication system is costly. We have mentioned some common features and functions in most of the PABX systems.

  • Auto attendant: It automatically connects callers to the targeted extension number by using a simple menu.
  • Auto call back: Users can pre-dial a busy phone line and get the ring back as soon as the line is free.
  • Call forwarding: Allows admin to forward call to another extension on demand.
  • Pick up incoming calls: Staff can pic-up incoming calls for different receivers.
  • Call grouping: Allows users to make a system for directing calls to a specific ring group.
  • Call recording: Built-in call recording option that needs for documentation, legal, training, monitoring, or different purposes.
  • Call transferring: The user can transfer a live call to another operator without cutting off the call.
  • Call waiting: Many incoming calls manage at the same time.
  • Call conference: When talking with more than one person, it allows to make the conference.
  • Call block: Allows users to block incoming calls in a specific extension.
  • Direct Dial-In: Let callers bypass IVRs or auto attendants. Operators can make a direct connection to the planned number.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Works like a promoted auto attendant. Companies use it for account investigations, product information requests, and other purposes.
  • Ring Groups: Add numerous extension numbers into a group. It trains phones to ring in sequence or at the same time when an exact call comes in.
  • Speed Dialing: This lets users use shortcuts for extension numbers. This makes it easier to remember the contact information of key staff or sections.
  • Voicemail: Provide callers with the option to leave a voicemail message to ensure you can follow up.

Types of PBX systems

We found 3 types of PABX systems in Bangladesh. Let’s know the classification-

Hosted: In a hosted system, your business phone becomes cloud-based. To get this facility, you require to sign up for the service and purchase a genuine phone. Cloud system allows the storage of data in the cloud and maintains the account manager in could base. Some additional features may help you use the phone more conveniently.

On-premises: An on-premises PBX system can be a compact fit if you don’t think your company to grow. That’s because the upfront cost of an on-premises system can be lower than the long-term cost of monthly payments for a hosted PBX system. Even the irregular maintenance fees to keep your network running shouldn’t add up to more than what monthly payments would cost. Yet, with an on-premises solution, you will be responsible for maintenance, which likely requires trained IT professionals to be on staff.

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PBX SIP trunking: SIP trunking permits you to convert an existing landline PBX to a cloud-based phone system, lowering costs and increasing obtainable features. These contain tools like softphone apps and reporting analytics.

PABX system  price in Bangladesh

The price of the PABX system in Bangladesh depends on the brand, quality, and features. It also depends on how many quality telephones sets you to need. A PABX machine price starts from 8,000 and telephone sets start from 4,000 to. In some IP phones, there has an adapter when needed to give power individually to each IP phone site. To know the latest price of the PABX system in Bangladesh, you can visit this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the brands of the PABX system in Bangladesh?

Panasonic, Yeaster, Yealink, Fanvil, Dinstar, and Grandstream are the popular brands of PABX systems in Bangladesh.

Does the PABX telephone system need any internet or phone network?

A PABX system works using the internet, IP number, and landline TNT number. So to get convenient usage, it should have internet and phone networks.

Can the PABX system be hacked?

When installing and configuring the system, requires giving a strong password. Otherwise, there is a chance to be hacked by hackers.

Do I need a regular checkup system?

Yes, there might arise an issue. Yet, users should run troubleshooting to find any issues. As this system uses regularly, it should have regular checking.

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How long does a PBX last?

About 10 to 15 years is a common lasting time. If the system keeps idle when not working in offices, its longevity can be increased. It depends on several facts.

What are the main components of the PBX?

A PBX includes A box, cabinet, or closet that serves as a housing for the interior parts. Switchboard console for operators to join incoming and outgoing calls. Controllers/computers for data processing.

Is PBX hardware or software?

A PBX (private branch exchange) system is the hardware that controls the phone lines and extensions of a company. The PBX system exchanges call between the internal phone extensions within your office as well as manages the inbound and outbound calls.

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Is a PBX analog or digital?

PBX phone systems before used analog technology; however, today, almost everything has become digital, with most companies leveraging the internet to send video and voice communications.

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