Safety Eye Wash

Safety eye wash or Eye Irrigating Solutions are germ-free solutions use to clean, refresh or relax eyes. Eyewash is great to have on hand for daily or emergency eye cleansing and is effective in flushing loose foreign objects, chlorine, pollen, and other irritants from the eye. A safety eyewash or safety shower station is essential safety equipment. It ensures workplace safety.

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Latest Eye Wash Station price in Bangladesh (BD) 2023.

In Bangladesh Eye Wash Station prices Depend on product quality and option price starting from 1,200 to 80,000 Taka. We offer different model eye wash as per our clients requirement. We sale UNICARE, SASBEL, Udyogi and many more international brand eye wash.  If you need any customization eye wash station please feel free to knock us. We will help you to select best quality eye wash station as per your demand.

We are Importer of all type of Eye Wash stations in Bangladesh.

Latest Eye Wash Station Price List 2023 in Bangladesh (BD)

Eye Wash Station List Price in BD
Unicare LSES2 CSS 304 Safety Eye Wash ৳ 26,000
Unicare LSE2 GI Safety Eye Wash ৳ 16,000
Unicare UPEW14 Safety Eye Wash ৳ 26,500
Unicare UPEW-12 Safety Eye Wash Bottle ৳ 2,100
Unicare UPEW15 Safety Eye Wash ৳ 24,000

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