Horn Speaker

Ahorn speaker uses loudspeaker elements to make the audile horn grow the overall proficiency of the driving element. A common form contains a density driver which generates sound waves with a small metal diaphragm that trembled by an electromagnet that is attached to the horn.

It is needed while we require to shout/announce to people in the distance. People use it for announcing something important. In Bangladesh, a large number of users use this horn for alerting people at hazard time and assembling time at institutes. Otherwise, horn speakers or megaphones can be used in different sectors. The main thing is to make very loud sounds among the people staying in distant areas.

Anyway, we are offering you the best horn speaker in Bangladesh. Many people call it megaphone too. We can provide this speaker at very reasonable prices as we import from the real manufacturer. Call 01719300940 to know more or place the order.

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