Walk Through Metal Detector

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Walk-through Metal Detectors are generally related to the security searches use at public places. This detector or archway essential for your property. It can detect any metallic objects on people passing through the detector, such as knives, weapons, etc. Metal detectors utilize magnetic fields to detect a metal object that passes through them. Their level of detection can be customized for different metal objects. We supply this equipment for security issues.

We have different types of Walkthrough Metal detectors and handheld metal detectors. We import many more brands like Garrett, Rapiscan Uniqscan, ZKTeco, MCD, etc. In addition, we also repair and maintain any type of security type of equipment as per client demand. However, we stock a large range of security products to provide anytime while our clients ask for. Call 01719300940 to know more or place the order.