X-Ray Baggage Scanner

Baggage scanner machines apt for X-rays to see through the surface of your baggage to get entire images of the items inside the baggage/luggage. As a result, the security officers can analyze how thick each thing is. This machine gives them the information that they require to find out illegal imports/exports and passing.

We are a cost-effective X-Ray Baggage Scanner supplier in Bangladesh. If you require a system for screening personal bags at checkpoint security, mail, parcels, baggage, or freight, you can choose us as we can deliver any kind of security products for public checkpoints. We have the technology to meet your demand. We provide X-Ray Baggage Scanner solutions for difficult baggage & parcel.

Our systems are used in hotels, Shopping malls, Airports, Courthouses, Schools, factories, and more. In addition, we import Garrett, ZKTECO, Uniqscan, and many more international brands, etc.

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