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  • Tuya Fingerprint, IC Card, Password Smart Door Lock

    • It supports fingerprint, IC card, password
    • Have very glossy looking
    • Strong security mechanism
    • Large LCD display
    • Android APP controlling
    • Includes emergency key
    • Can be connected by WiFi
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  • TUYA PLS-X5 Password, Card and Fingerprint Smart Door Lock


    1. APP / Fingerprint / Password / Smart Card / Key Unlock
    2. View Access Logs from APP
    3. Supports Normal Open Mode (Free Access)
    4. Mortise Lock Size
    5. English Voice
    6. Wire Drawing Panel
    7. Matte body
    8. Universal for both right and left door
    9. Suitable for 35-50 mm

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  • ZKTeco TL800 Digital WiFi Smart Door Lock

    • Auto opening and closing according to personalization settings
    • An OLED screen for monitoring the outdoor situation inside the house
    • Compatible with USmart Go; remote control and real-time monitoring online through Wi-Fi
    • A hidden fingerprint semi-conductor installed behind the outdoor handle unit with ergonomics and anti-collision design
    • No need to deploy an additional doorbell
    • Class C cylinder protection; even the outdoor unit of the lock is damaged, your home is still safe
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  • ZKTeco LH3600 (New) Smart Door Lock


    Product Code: OTC2332

    • With advanced 13.56mhz Mifare-1 card technology.
    • American standard mortise with 5 latches.
    • Zinc Alloy housing with the color of gold and silver.
    • With professional hotel lock management software – single-click install.
    • Audit trail records the latest 224 lock transaction.
    • With warning beeps in low battery power.
    • Backset is 62.5mm.
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  • ZKTeco FL1000 Smart Door Lock


    Product Code: OTC2331

    • European standard mortise with 5 latches
    • Face/Password/Card/Key
    • ID/Mifare card reader is optional
    • FL1000 ZKteco used the durable material
    • Long-lasting door lock
    • Durable coated color
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  • ZKTeco PL10R Smart Door Lock


    Product Code: OTC2330

    ZKTeco PL10R is a smart lock with advanced RFID technology. It is designed for DIY, which enables you to replace a knob lock with it by yourself easily and quickly.


    • Advanced 13.56mhz Mifare card technology
    • Rugged, sleek, and compact design
    • American standard single latch for easy replacement and installation
    • Independent clutch motor design under patent protection
    • Idle handle design to prevent forcible entry
    • Registration data are stored even if there is power loss
    • Handle, latch, and strike are reversible for all door opening directions
    • Emergency key override (concealed)
    • LED indicator and inbuilt buzzer
    • External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery
    • Low battery warning
    • Normal Open mode
    • Easy to program and easy to use
    • Easy to install – no wiring is required, 3 user groups
      – Admin, Normal User, and Temporary User
    • Backset is 60 mm or 70mm (adjustable)
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  • ZKTeco LH 1000 Smart Door Lock


    Product Code: OTC2329

    • With advanced 13.56mhz
    • Mifare-1 card technology
    • Durable product
    • Used quality material
    • American standard mortise• Stainless steel housing with the color of gold and silver
    • Hotel door access control system
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  • Aircom A18 Internet Based Door Lock


    Product Code: OTC2308

    • Capacity 10,000 card/code & 300 Finger
    • WG26 input/output
    • Access Ways fingerprint, code, card, mobile app
    • Waterproof and heatproof
    • 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button Alarm, Doorbell
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  • ZKTeco ML10B Smart Door Lock

    • ML10/PL10 series is a smart lock with embedded fingerprint recognition technology.
    • It is a DIY design, which can replace knob lock easily and quickly.
    • You even can do it by yourself.
    • Support blue-tooth connection, door unlocking, and user management by ZKBioBT App.
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  • ZKTeco TL-100 Smart Door Lock


    ZKteco TL100 smart door lock is a fingerprint lock with a voice-guided feature, which makes operation very easy and quick. It uses the mechanical anti-theft mortise with one latch and two security deadbolts, that allow users to lock the deadbolt both indoors and outdoor.

    Meanwhile, ZKTeco TL-100 Door Lock has various approaches to open the door, such as with fingerprint, password, card, and key; and it can be applied to either a wooden door or a security door. All in all, TL100 presents advanced electromechanical technology, which provides high home security and great convenience. ZKteco TL100 price is more affordable than the included features.

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  • ZKTeco TL-400B Smart Door Lock

    • ZKteco fingerprint door lock system.
    • Smart Phone, Smart Lock.
    • Your smartphone is now your key.
    • The voice volume is adjustable.
    • ZKTeco TL-400B  provides door lock enhanced security by a random password for code access.
    • European standard mortise – the door locks by itself once close.
    • ZKteco TL400b price is budget-friendly.
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