95 Gallon Spill Kit (Universal) Price in Bangladesh

Model No: SYK950
Abs.Up To Per:80Gal/302L

Accreditation And Standards:

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SYSBEL supply high-quality spill control products, protect for the employees and the environment. We have various Spill Kits for products of your choice.

৳ 100,000

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95 Gallon Spill Kit

  • Product Name: 95 Gallon Spill Kit
  • Brand: SYSBEL
  • Model: SYK950
  • Package Includes: One pcs 95 Gallon Overpack Salvage, Drum
  • 125 pcs Absorbent Pads (40x50cm)
  • 24 pcs Absorbent Socks (D.76mmx1.2m)
  • 15 pcs Absorbent Pillows (45x45x5cm)
  • 10 pcs Big Hazmat Disposal Bags and Ties
  • 2 pcs gloves


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