AHUJA SCM-15T Colum Speaker



Product Code: OTC2341

  • AHUJA SCM-15T wall speaker is for indoor & outdoor applications such as in Halls, Auditoria, Airport Lounges.
  • Weather-resistant — for use under roof eaves. Foam layer
  • to protect speakers from dust.
  • The array of speakers radiate forward sound beam for wider audience coverage.
  • Mounting clamps & hardware supplied.
  • Column speakers in a metal cabinet in the silver-ash paint finish.
  • Speaker connections through a terminal strip at the rear.
  • Available in 100V line matching transformer version and low impedance version.

AHUJA SCM-15T Colum Speaker Specs:

Input Power 10W RMS, 15W Max.
Power Taps 10W, 10/7.5/5W
Impedance/Voltage 8Ω, 100V
Frequency Response 150-10,000Hz
SPL at 1kHz 92dB/1W/1m
Speakers 2 × 6”× 4”
Dimensions W165 × H455 × D145 mm
Weight 3.5kg, 4.0kg

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