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Aircom AW-300C Wireless Chairman/Delegate Unit


  • 4.3-inch color touchscreen
  • Can set as chairman, delegate, VIP, or dual users
  • Dual-channel, 5G wifi, and wired network
  • Powered by cable, battery, or dock directly
  • Built-in dual headphone ports
  • Built-in RFID card authentication, sign-in by IC card, and voting(optional)
  • Download Datasheet

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Aircom AW-300C Wireless Chairman/Delegate Unit Spec:

Designated speech mode
A new meeting experience: Besides 6 speech modes, a designated speech mode has been added to the system, the microphone can be turned on by the chairman unit or the management controller without manually turning it on.

Three ways of charging
In continuous meetings, we do not want to be the source of your meeting anxiety due to the power of the equipment. You can charge via the PoE network replace the battery or charge directly with the unit base to eliminate your “power anxiety”.
Capacitive touchscreen
Equipped with a 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, it can be set to display important matters with the progress of the theme agenda. Various information can be shown by the default quasi-physical clock, the capacitive touchscreen is more convenient for users to operate.
built-in loudspeaker
Built-in high-quality three-band balanced speakers, can replace the PA system in small conferences and a backup in medium and large conferences to avoid sudden sound reinforcement failures and ensure the normal progress of the conference.
Wireless update
The wireless MCU upgrade function can perform cluster upgrades. When firmware updates are available, devices can be upgraded wirelessly, adding device functions and updating systems such as “smart EQ adjustment, smart screen brightening, etc.”

Download Datasheet



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