Aircom AWV-501C Wireless Touch Screen Chairman Unit

This digital wireless conference system is an innovative system based on standard Wi-Fi technology and self-adjustment technology. The system work in the 2.4Hz and 5GHz band and get 44 channels for communication to coexist with other Wi-Fi network. The unique self-adaptive technology is a strong anti-interference ability to ensure the system is interference-free and highly flexible for different applications. The standard Wi-Fi Technology makes the system can work around the world and has no ISM limit.

Aircom AWV-501C Wireless Touch Screen Chairman Unit Specs:

  • 128 bits digital encryption technology, with WAP2 secure connection, MAC address filtering, SSID-hiding to prevent wiretapping and unauthorized access from delegate unit
  • One AP can work with more than 40 wireless units, and more units can be connected by extension APs
    6 wireless units can be activated at the same time by the users
  • Support more AP working together to increasing the Wi-Fi coverage range for wireless MIC units working in a large conference room or multi-rooms
    With our HD PTZ camera and video matrix switcher, using RS485 or RS232 protocol to send the
  • PELCO/VISCA protocol to realize camera auto-tracking function
    Precise cardioid directional microphone capsule with anti-wind microphone foam, with two-color LED indicator
  • Button for MIC ON/OFF, Priority & Apply Answer button for chairman uni Built-in high-fidelity speakers, it automatically mutes to prevent howling when press MIC ON
  • Head-set interface in both sides with volume adjustment.
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control)/AFC (Adaptive Feedback Cancellation)/ANC (Active Noise Cancellation)/ Mix (Auto-Mix) technology
    The unit shows real-time on the screen and count-down timer for speaking person.
  • Detachable battery pack is easy to replace and charge. The battery can provide 20 hours of runtime after it is fully charged. Power-saving technology enables the microphone to be continuously used for 20 hours and standby for 35 hours.


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