Bosch PRS-CSR Call Station Remote

The PRS-CSR is a call station with the same functionality as the basic call station, LBB 4430/00, but it uses CAT-5 cable for its connection to the Praesideo network. It connects, one-to-one, to the call station interface, PRS-CSI, which is part of the Praesideo optical network.

The CAT-5 cable, carrying digital audio and control data, can be as long as 1 km. The length of the CAT-5 cable is not a part of the Praesideo optical network length. This considerably increases the overall possible length of the optical network.

The PRS-CSR can be extended with up to 16 keypads (LBB 4432/00 or LBB 4434/00), each with eight programmable keys. Extension with a numeric keypad (PRS-CSNKP) is also possible.

৳ 65,500


Bosch PRS-CSR Call Station Remote Specs:

The call station has a cardioid, supervised microphone on a gooseneck stem with good speech intelligibility. A limiter and a speech filter improve intelligibility and prevent clipping of the audio. It has volume control for the monitoring speaker and the headset. When it plays a chime or a pre-recorded message, the call station activates its speaker. When a headset is connected, it replaces the microphone and speaker.

The remote call station connects via a CAT-5 cable to a PRS-CSI unit, which interfaces it to the Praesideo optical network. The call station gets its power from the interface unit via the CAT-5 cable but is also equipped with a local power supply connection for extreme cases with a very long cable and many keypads.

Up to 16 call station keypads can connect to the station via a serial communication link. The call station provides the power for the keypads. Up to 224 priorities can be assigned to the call station. All configuration can be done via the Praesideo network controller. The remote call station is fully supervised and supports the fail-safe operation. Even if the Praesideo network controller fails, the call station is still able to put through emergency calls.

Controls and indicators

  • Three status LEDs
  • Configurable PTT-key
  • Volume control for loudspeaker/headset


  • RJ45 connector for CAT-5 connection
  • Serial data and power supply interface for call station keypads
  • Kycon type (lockable) connector for power and two control inputs
  • 3.5mm jack for headset/headphone

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