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Bosch Dicentis DCNM-WD Full Conference System Package


  • This is the best conference system from the BOSCH brand.
  • It’s a complete package of the unit, charger box, and access point.
  • You can increase the unit amount on the requirement.
  • Completely wireless system.
  • The mentioned price is for the single combined items.


Bosch Dicentis DCNM-WD Full Conference System Package

1. Bosch Dicentis DCNM-WD Unit with Battery – 1 pcs

The Wireless Device (DCNM‑WD) of the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System enables participants to speak, register a request-to-speak, and listen to a speaker during a meeting. The device can be easily configured as a single-use, dual-use, or chairperson Wireless Device via the web
browser interface of the Wireless Access Point (DCNM‑WAP).

  • Removable Battery Pack, easy to change and charge
  • Configurable as a participant, dual-use or chairperson Wireless Device by use of web browser interface
  • Functionality can be expanded with software modules without the need for hardware modification

2. BOSCH DCNM-WAP Wireless Access Point – 1 pcs

The Wireless Access Point (DCNM‑WAP) is the central device of the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System. It links the Wireless Devices (DCNM‑WD and DCNM‑WDE) by means of secure wireless WPA2 communication.

The compact DCNM‑WAP with a built‑in web browser interface is all that is needed to set up, configure and control the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System. The Wireless Access Point can be placed unobtrusively on a wall, ceiling or tripod floor stand by using the included universal mounting bracket.

  • Truly wireless, no need for an additional WiFi router for tablet control.
  • Easy and intuitive web browser interface for system setup, configuration, control and licensing.
  • Native support for camera control.
  • Range test function to guarantee that all Wireless Devices are in range, independent of the selected WiFi frequency.
  • Remote interfacing using API to control microphones and third‑party camera systems. Zero Interference
  • Seamless automatic wireless frequency channel switching.
  • Operates in the (license‑free) bands:
    • 2.4 GHz.
    • 5 GHz (UNII‑1, UNII‑2, UNII‑2 extended, and UNII‑3).
  • Packet Loss Concealment to mask the effects of lost or discarded packets.

3. Bosch DCNM-WCH05 Charger – 1 pcs

The DCNM-WCH05 from Bosch is a charger that can simultaneously charge up to 5 battery packs (DCNM‑WLIION). The charging status of each Battery Pack is shown on individual charge capacity LED indicators. The Battery Packs can be left in the Charger when fully charged.

This has no impact on the charging level and lifetime of the Battery Packs. The Charger is intended for wall mounting. The loop‑through mains power supply sockets allow a maximum number of chargers to be connected in series so that they can share the same mains power supply outlet.

    • Simultaneous charging of up to 5 Battery Packs
    • Individual Battery Pack charging capacity indicators
  • Recharges from empty in less than 3 hours
  • Auto‑ranging power supply, 100-240 Vac
  • Loop‑through mains power supply connectors

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