BOSCH LBB 1990/00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller

The Plena LBB 1990/00 Voice Alarm Controller unit, is the heart of the voice alarm system. It is the basis of the Plena Voice Alarm System and has all the essential functionality for compliance with the EN54‑16 and EN60849 standards, including full system supervision, loudspeaker line impedance supervision, a supervised emergency microphone on the front panel, and a supervised message manager.

The LBB1990/00 enables messages to be merged to allow even more flexible use of pre-recorded announcements and evacuation messages. The controller can be used as a stand-alone system with up to six zones or expanded to up to 120 zones using additional six-zone routers.

Up to eight call stations can be connected. Interconnections are made using standard RJ45 connectors and shielded CAT-5 cable.

A built-in 240 W amplifier provides the power for the emergency call channel and BGM. Additional Plena Amplifiers can be added to provide two-channel operation. All amplifiers are supervised. The audio output uses standard analog audio 100 V line switching for full compatibility with the Plena family of public address equipment and Bosch EVAC-compliant loudspeakers. The system is configured using DIP switches for basic functionality and a PC for more advanced functions.

  • Basic 6 zone system
  • Expandable to 60 zones
  • Up to 8 call stations can be connected
  • Built-in 240 watt booster amp
  • Digital message system
  • Up to 255 pre-recorded messages and chimes/tones can be stored
  • The emergency mic on the front panel
  • 16 priority levels
  • Individual BGM control for each zone
  • Standard and emergency control in and outputs
  • Additional Booster amps are supervised
  • Can be set up using PC or via DIP switches
  • Fully complies with IEC60849 and all national equivalents

৳ 228,000


BOSCH LBB 1990/00 Plena Voice Alarm Controller Specs:

Technical Specifications:


Mains Voltage 230 / 115 VAC, ±10%, 50 / 60 Hz
Main Power Consumption 60 VA
Max/Rated Output Power 360 W / 240 W
Battery Current 24VDC, +20% / -10%
Max Mains Inrush Current 8A @ 230 VAC / 16A @ 115 VAC
Mains Current
System Idle 0.26 A = 60 VA
System Idle with Pilot Tone 0.6 A = 136 VA
Maximum Load*) 3.6 A = 830 VA
24 V Current
System Idle 0.9 A
Maximum Load* 14 A


Frequency Response 60 Hz – 18 kHz (+1/-3 dB, @ -10 dB ref. rated
Distortion <1% @ rated output, 1 kHz
Bass Control -8/+8 dB @ 100 Hz
Treble Control -8/+8 dB @ 10 kHz
Inputs Mic / Line
Input Type XLR, 6.3 mm jack
Sensitivity 1 mV / 1V
S/N 63 dB (flat at max volume)
S/N 75 dB (flat at min volume/muted)
Headroom 25 dB
Speech Filter -3 dB@ 315 Hz, high-pass, 6 dB/oct
Phantom Power Supply 12 V
VOX Trigger Level –20 dB (100 V mic / 100 mV line)
or via input contact
Limiter Automatic
BGM and PC Call Station
Input Type Cinch stereo (converted to mono)
Input Level 200 mV – 2 V
Impedance 22 kOhm
S/N 70 dB (flat at max volume)
S/N 75 dB (flat at min volume/muted)
Headroom 25 dB
Trigger Inputs 6 EMG, 6 business
Type MC1,5/14-ST-3,5
Activation Programmable
Supervision On EMG inputs, programmable
Supervision Method Series / parallel resistor
100 V Input MSTB 2,5 /16-ST
Power Handling Capacity 480 Watts

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