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BOSCH PVA 2P500 PAVIRO Power Amplifier



The BOSCH PVA 2P500 PAVIRO power amplifier is a 2 x 500 Watt professional audio Class D-amplifier for evacuation purposes. It can be operated from both the mains and a DC supply.

  • Floating 100 V or 70 V power outputs
  • High efficient amplifier blocks in class-D technology
  • Outputs idling and short circuit-protected
  • Mains operation 120–240 V (50/60 Hz) and/or 24 V DC emergency backup
  • Electronically balanced inputs
  • Temperature monitoring function
  • Pilot tone and ground fault monitoring function via PVA-4CR12 controller or PVA-4R24 router
  • Processor control of all functions
  • Monitoring of the processor system via watchdog circuit
  • Non-volatile FLASH memory for configuration data
  • Internal monitoring function
  • Integrated audio relays
  • Line monitoring function

BOSCH PVA 2P500 PAVIRO Power Amplifier Sprecs:

The PVA 2P500 benefits from the lowest power consumption of any system in its class, minimizing running costs and requiring fewer backup batteries too. The system is extremely flexible and allows architecture changes at any time during installation and has a wide range of announcement/music combinations.

Ideal for small to medium-sized offices, regional airports, mid-sized hotels, factories, schools, and department stores. It can be operated from both the mains and a DC supply. The output voltage is galvanically insulated and is constantly monitored for a ground fault. An energy-saving mode and temperature-controlled fans reduce energy consumption and noise levels.

The control and monitoring functions are performed via CAN bus. This amplifier is designed for operation in an emergency evacuation system. The amplifiers are usually controlled via a controller and configured using IRISNet.

Rated load impedance (output power)
• 100 V 20 Ω (500 W)
• 70 V  10 Ω (500 W)
Rated output power, 1 kHz, THD ≤ 1% 2 ✕ 500 W1
Rated input voltage  +6 dBu
Max. RMS voltage swing, 1 kHz, THD ≤ 1%, without load
• 100 V  110 V
• 70 V 78 V
Voltage gain, ref. 1 kHz, fixed
• 70 V 33.2 dB
• 100 V 36.2 dB
Maximum load capacitance  2 μF
Input level, max. +18 dBu (9.75 Vrms)
Frequency response, ref. 1 kHz, rated load, -3 dB 50 Hz to 25 kHz
Input impedance, active balanced 20 kΩ
Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted)  > 104 dB
Output noise (A-weighted) < -62 dBu
Crosstalk , ref. 1 kHz  < -85 dB
Output stage topology  Class-D, transformer, floating
Power requirements
• AC 115–240 V (-10/+10%)2
• DC 21‑32 V
Power consumption, AC and DC See section “Power consumption” in the operation manual
Inrush current 2A
Inrush current, after a five-second power cycle 1.3A
Mains fuse T6.3A (internally)
DC fuse 30A (internally)
Ground fault R < 50 kΩ
CAN-BUS port  2 ✕ RJ-45, 10 to 500 kbit/s
Protection Audio input level limiter, RMS output power limiter,
high temperature, DC, short circuit,
mains Undervoltage protection,
DC supply Undervoltage protection,
inrush current limiter, ground fault
Cooling Front-to-rear, temperature-controlled fans
Operating temperature -5 °C to +45 °C
Safety class Class I
Electromagnetic environment  E1, E2, E3
Product dimensions (Width ✕ Height ✕ Depth) 19”, 2 HU, 483 88.2 391mm
Net Weight 16.5kg

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