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BOSCH PRS-2P250 Presadio Controller



The Power Amplifiers receive input signals over the network. They also have two auxiliary audio inputs (four for LBB 4428/00) for local audio. Their eight control inputs are freely programmable for system actions, and priorities can be assigned to these inputs. Each control input has the ability to monitor the attached line for open and short-circuits. Control outputs are freely programmable for faults and call-related actions.

The 2 x 16‑character display and the rotary control enable local status inquiries. The display shows the VU‑meter reading when the audio monitoring mode is active. Audio can be monitored by headphones. The units are self-monitoring and continually report their status to the network controller. They support both single branch and redundant loop cabling. The amplifiers have a changeover facility for spare power amplifier switching. Changeover relays are included with the units. The amplifiers have a 48 V DC back-up supply input. The digital audio processing can handle three parametric equalization sections and two shelving equalization sections per channel with configurable audio delay.

Controls and indicators • 2 x 16-character LCD for status display • Rotary/push control button • Mains switch • Voltage selector for PRS‑xPxxx Interconnections • Mains input • Battery backup input • Two system network connections • Two mic/line inputs (four for LBB 4428/00) • Selectable 100 V, 70 V or 50 V outputs (per channel) • Fixed 50 V output • Eight programmable control inputs • Control output (for each amplifier channel) • Headphone output • Spare amplifier connection (for each amplifier channel)

BOSCH PRS-2P250 Presadio Controller Specs:

  • Connector: 9-pole header for removable screw connector
  • Connectors: Removable screw terminals
  • Connectors: Removable screw terminals
  • Storage Temperature : -20 to +70 ºC (-4 ºF to +158 ºF)
  • Control Inputs : 8 x
  • Relative Humidity: 15 to 90 %
  • Control Outputs: 1 x per amplifier channel
  • Operation: Closing contact (with supervision)
  • Main Power Consumption: 354/43/16 W
  • Product Weight: 29.98 lbs
  • Rated load resistance: 40 ohms (100 V); 20 ohms (70 V) 10 ohm (50 V)
  • Rated load Capacitance : 125 nF (100 V); 250 nF (70 V) 500 nF (50 V)
  • Rated output power (per channel): 250 W (1 min. at 55 °C)
    125 W (30 min. at 55 °C, cont. at 30 °C)
    60 W (cont. at 55 °C)
  • Color: Charcoal with silver
  • Operating Temperature (Maximum): 131 F
  • Operating Temperature (Minimum): 23 F
  • Mounting Standalone: 19-inch rack
  • Air pressure 600 to 1100: hPa
  • Battery Power consumption: 327/30/5 W
  • Amplifier Type – Power Amplifier

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