BOSCH PVA-15CST Call Station



  • Five menu/function keys (pre-programmed) – one green or one yellow indicator light per button
  • 15 selection buttons (customizable) – two indicator lights (green/red) per button
  • Label with transparent covering – the label can be changed at any time
  • BOSCH PVA-15CST Call Station can be used as a standing or desk/rack flush-mounted device
  • Internal monitoring with error logging – complying with all relevant national and international standards
  • Easy configuration – use of the Configuration Wizard or IRIS-Net software
  • Button installation slots for up to 3 optional emergency buttons, or key switches

BOSCH PVA-15CST Call Station Specs:

The Bosch PVA-15CST call station is EN54-16 compliant and certified and is permanently supervised by the system controller, PVA-4CR12.

The modern design and robust unit offer a gooseneck microphone with a pop shield and permanent monitoring. There is an illuminated liquid crystal display and system sounds can be heard through the integral loudspeaker. 15 programmable function keys are provided and an LED lamp illuminates around the mic capsule during use.

CAN-BUS port 10, 20, or 62.5 kbit/s, 1 ✕ RJ-45, max. length 1000 m
Maximum mic input level -21 dBu
Maximum line input level +4 dBu
Maximum NF output level +12 dBu
Buttons 5 pre-programmed, 15 programmable zone/function keys
Color RAL 9017 (traffic black)
Indicator lights Power (green), Fault (yellow), Alarm (red)
Green or yellow LED per pre-programmed menu button
Green and red LED per programmable zone/function key
LC display Back-lit LC display (122 ✕ 32 pixel)
Ports 1 CST BUS port (Control data + Audio + Power supply, RJ-45)
1 audio source (line level, phone jack)
1 microphone port (phone jack)
1 EXT OUT port (call station extension, RJ-12)
DC power input 15–58 V
Maximum supply current (without call station extensions) Standby/Idle/Announcement/Alert: 24 V / 80 mA / 1.92 W
Maximum supply current (with 5 call station extensions) Standby/Idle/Announcement/Alert: 24 V / 190 mA / 4.56 W
Operating temperature -5 °C to 45 °C
Electromagnetic environment E1, E2, E3
Product dimensions (Width ✕ Height ✕ Depth) 200 ✕ 166 ✕ 66 mm (without a microphone)
Net weight 0.6kg
Shipping weight 1.1kg

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