BOWAY BW-80 Durable Microphone Cable in Bangladesh
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BOWAY BW-80 Durable Microphone Cable


  • A balanced microphone cable consists of three main components
  • The conductors (internal wires, or cores) carry the signal
  • the shielding, which helps protect the integrity of the information passing through and in the case of a microphone cable.
  • Three-pronged connectors (XLR) that allow the connection.

BOWAY BW-80 Durable Microphone Cable Specs:

Balanced XLR 30WAT Microphone Cables are used to connect microphones and other Ca output music gear into mixing consoles. They continue to be the industry standard for bor recording and live performance because they can shield your signal from interference. and transfer your audio over long distances. There’s no point in having great microphones when your XLR cable is giving you noise. graphic and other connectivity problems. And since not 30WAY XLR cables are created equal you’ll ones that are reliable and better shielded.

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