BXB Digital Conference System EDC-1012 Delegate Unit

  • Features a built-in 2.5 inches high-fi loudspeaker and electrets Condenser stem microphone
  • Provides Fixed/Pluggable gooseneck microphone for easier installation and maintenance
  • BXB gooseneck microphones adopt DIN type plug preventing bad contact of the connector
  • Gooseneck microphone with illuminating red ring to indicate the speaking status
  • Has 1* stereo earphone jack for recording.
  • Has dust/wind-proof functionality to prevent it from the sound explosion
  • The loudspeaker is automatically switched off when the microphone is activated to prevent acoustic feedback
  • Auto-Test functionality
  • Digital Series- parallel daisy-chain connected. Even though one of them is failed, just removes the failed one and then re-connected, the functionality still works perfectly Provides Stem length:43/48/56/70 cm

৳ 22,000


BXB Digital Conference System EDC-1012 Delegate Unit Specs:

  • Frequency response 100HZ~16KHZ
  • Sensitivity ≧-50dB
  • Total Harmonic distortion of ≦0.1%
  • S/N ratio ≧70dB
  • Voltage DC 12V~18V
  • Build-in speaker Unit size:2.5″, Capacity:0.5W
  • Max sound pressure:≧92dB
  • Speaking Indicator Lamp Illustrated Red Ring Light
  • Connection 1* 9P D type plug,for system link
  • 9P cable (2.5M & 12M)
  • AGC (Auto Gain Control) 45 ~ 0dB
  • Earphone jack 3.5Ø Stereo
  • Height × Width × Depth 53.6 × 169.3 × 131.8(mm)
  • Weight 831 g
  • Base Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Diecast & Anti-slip mat
  • Top ABS special plastic, Modern Black color

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