BXB Digital Conference System EDC 1051 Control Unit

  • Has three (3) chain outputs for daisy connection, each link can be
    linked up to 25 units
  • Can control up to10 chairman units & 128 delegate units by
    extension power supply
  • System Auto-Test functions when power on. When failed
    connection, the Red ring of light is flashing
  • Multi-Conferencing Operating Modes:
  • NORMAL: 1. Delegates have the ability to open their
    own mics. 2. No Request-to-speak
  • VOICE (Auto-MIC Shut-Off): 30/45 seconds without
    speaking, the microphone will be automatically shut-off
  • OVERRIDE: 1. Delegates have the ability to open
    their mics. 2. When the maximum open mics is
    reached, delegate opens mic will take control of
    the current delegate, the chairman is not affected
  • CHAIRMAN: 1. Delegates only have the ability to
    request-to-speak. 2. Chairman controls all delegate
    mic activation
  • OPEN-MIC: Numbers of Microphone push to talk
    simultaneously is up to 1-9, displayed on the main
    control front panel
  • The main control unit and Chairman Unit controls all
    delegate mice activation and has the alarm sound
    when delegate-off
  • EDC 1051 Control Unit built-in sound-emission circuit to prevent echo and

৳ 70,000


BXB Digital Conference System EDC 1051 Control Unit

Best Quality Conference system in Bangladesh BXB Digital Conference System EDC 1051 Control Unit. We supply and install BXB EDC 1051 Control Unit. BXB Digital Conference System EDC 1051 Control Unit is EDC-1000 series has high reliability, the connection runs with Y type of DIN cabling.

The main control unit EDC-1051 has auto-testing functions when power is on, it notifies easily with the flashing red ring if there is any connection failure. Once the system gets started, the customer can easily configure “Conference mode”, “Open microphone number”, “Microphone automatic turn off time”, and “Volume setting” on a 4×20 digits LCD screen.

The configuration of the EDC 1051 control unit can be saved automatically in the control unit, it will be easy to operate for the following meetings simply with the on/off button. Moreover, it’s equipped with an XLR plug that can connect other recording and audio equipment. Apart from BXB’s conference system, the project was completed with a Panasonic projector, Kramer switching system, and Bose sound system.

Technical Specifications

Frequency response 100HZ~16KHZ
LINE IN: -4dB~+6dB 10KΩ≧(Balanced)
LINE OUT: -4dB~+12dB 200Ω≧(Balanced)
Sensitivity: -60dB
T.H.D.: ≦0.5%
S/N Ratio: ≧90dB
Conference microphone connection: D type 9P express port x 3 sets
MIC Input 4 set x 600Ω/6mV/-22dB
Line output 1 set
Volume Indicators 5 LEDs
Power AC110/220,50/60Hz,Power LED light
Height x Width x Depth 100 x 430 x 230 (mm)
Weight 10 (kg)

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