CA-35RS Male to Female UHF Coaxial Surge Protector

  • Designed with a stress on a high safety, this device has a built-in gas-charging surge arrestor element that discharges and grounds the surge at the moment the surge voltage exceeds a specified level.
  • This device makes the actions of surge discharge and restoration as repeatedly as necessary. No replacement is practically needed.
  • Should the surge arrestor element be damaged, it can easily be replaced with a new element.
  • The coaxial construction of this device assures excellent high-frequency characteristics, wide bandwidth and low loss, and VSWR.
  • 1/4 wavelength short circuit principle for good lightning protection effect. Simple structure, strong, easy installation.

৳ 1,800


CA-35RS Male to Female UHF Coaxial Surge Protector Specs:

Material: Iron

Color: Black

Model: CA-35RS

Connector: UHF/UHF

Frequency range: 0-3000MHz

Voltage standing wave ratio: ≤1.1

Peak power: 200w

Voltage: DC 230A

Current: 500A

Impedance: 50 ohms

Size: 78 * 41 * 20mm / 3.1 * 1.6 * 0.8in

Package weight: 105g

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