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Corelink 4-Port Single Power EPON OLT



  • Heavy-duty EPON Port
  • Single power supply
  • FTTX applicable
  • IP service access
  • Provide smooth service and
  • Many more


Corelink 4-Port Single Power EPON OLT Specs:

Core Link 4 Port OLT, 4 Pon OLT with Combo uplink Single power Supply 4 SFP PON ports, 2x1000M SFP ports, 2xCombo uplink ports Each PON port support 1.64 split ratios, a total of 256 ONUs access

The distance can reach 20kmSupport to work with any EPON ONUs to establish a passive network Support WEB and SNMP, integrate switching function 1U rack design, inside fan, better for heat-dissipating and reliability operating. Apply for the town, village fiber network and surveillance, apply for FTTX network, to transmit IP phone, data,IPTV, and other IP services access (Singla power supply).

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