DF200 Single Fingerprint Livescaner


The DF200 Module is a lightweight, ultrathin, optical, single-finger livescan capture device. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, high sensitivity, and high signal-noise ratio. The entire module has a smaller size and stronger interface versatility.

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DF200 Single Fingerprint Livescaner Spec:

Platen area: L0.65” x W0.83” (16. 4mm x 21.1mm)
Active platen area: L0.6” x W0.8” (15.24mm x 20.32mm)
L300 * W400 pixels
Resolution: 500dpi±1%
Image distortion: ≤1%
Image gray range: ≥210 grayscales
Grayscale: 8-bit, 256 levels
Connector/Power: USB 2.0
Dimension: L56 x W31.5 x H13.4mm (DF200 Module)
L59.1 x W48.5 x H18.5mm (DF200S Device)
PC requirement:
Win7, Win10, 32 or 64bits;
1.7GHz CPU, 1G RAM, 80G disk, USB 2.0 compliant ports at least.


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