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DSPPA D6108 8-Channel Hybrid Matrix



  • Support 8-channel signal inputs and outputs
  • DSPPA D6108 hybrid is an intelligent matrix system for audio and video signal switching, compatible with different audio signal input/output signal cards
  • Signal cards matched include HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, AV seamless input/output signal cards.
  • DSPPA D6108 system supports multiple signal input and output cross matrix switching, providing independent video signal and audio input-output terminals.

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DSPPA D6108 8-Channel Hybrid Matrix Specs:

The product is equipped with functions such as power-off protection, audio, and video synchronization, and separate switching, and has an RS232 communication port and TCP/IP (optional) control, which can be matched with the personal computer, remote system, or different kinds of remote control devices easily. DSPPA D6108has extensive application in radio and television engineering, multimedia conference hall, large screen display engineering, television teaching, and command control center.


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