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DSPPA D6224 Desktop Delegate Unit



  • Speech-only conference unit
  • DSPPA D6224 Desktop Delegate Unit built-in magnet Hifi speaker
  • On/off button available
  • Conference check-in function
  • Automatic camera tracking function when used with the camera
  • Removable goose-neck.
  • Goose-neck length: 315/320/415/430 mm
  • Black/silver colors available

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DSPPA D6224 Desktop Delegate Unit Specs:

D6224 Desktop Delegate Speech Unit provides functions such as speech, check-in, and self-checking. It adopts a goose-neck microphone, built-in magnetic loudspeaker, headphone jack, and also provides power-on indicating light and button and light indicators. In VOICE mode, it can realize the voice controller on/off function. It has high-speed digital processors and HiFi audio circuits and can indicate the work status of the LCD screen. DSPPA D6224 Unit Conference units are passive equipment and are powered by the controllers. The input voltage is 24V; they are easy to use, with a clear voice, and easy to install with a fashionable appearance.


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