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DSPPA D6225 Desktop Array Chairman Unit



  • DSPPA D6225 Desktop Array unit built-in 17 highly directional and highly sensitive array microphone with a high-resolution degree of the human voice
  • Touch-screen on/off button and chairman priority button
  • 3.5 mm earphone output on the left side
  • 8 pin conference cable on the bottom, support cascade connection with host D6201
  • DSPPA D6225 unit supports simultaneous use with D6221/6222
  • Pickup distance up to 80cm, simple and exquisite

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DSPPA D6225 Desktop Array Chairman Unit Specs:

Frequency Response 80Hz-16KHz (≤±3dB)
MIC Directivity Directional Broadband Type
MIC Sensitivity 200mV/Pa
SNR ≥71dB
Dynamic Range ≥20dB
THD ≤1%
Max Power Consumption 1W
Cascade connection wire 8-core conference wire
Color Black
Installation Desktop
Package Size (mm) (L×W×H) 345×135×135
Machine Size (mm) (L×W×H) )297×67×57
Gross Weight (Kg) 1
Net Weight (Kg) 0.5

DSPPA D6225 Desktop Array unit adopts a microphone with high directivity, high sensitivity, and a high degree of resolution of the human voice. Pickup angle, pickup phase, pickup distance, and high fidelity line are designed through array combination which is an effective combination of advanced control technique and audio processing technique. With a beautiful and precise appearance, it satisfies the need of different customers. DSPPA D6225 unit has a 3.5 mm earphone interface and camera tracking function. It can be integrated with the D6201 series of conference systems to form a comprehensive solution for high-quality conference systems.

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