DSPPA D6229 12-Channel Interpretation Unit

  • 12 channel interpretation unit applied in the digital conference system;
  • DSPPA D6229 12-Channel Interpretation Unit comes in internal magnetic speakers, 3.5mm headphone jack, headphone volume adjustable;
  • With 3.5mm microphone input interface;
  • TFT3.2 inch true color touch screen displays all working status and operation information;
  • DSPPA D6229  has a touch screen touch mode of operation;
  • With indirect interpretation and direct interpretation function;

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DSPPA D6229 12-Channel Interpretation Unit Specs:

model D6229
structure type Desktop style
display 3.2-inch true color display
Operation method Touch screen operation
Output frequency response 45Hz-18kHz(-3dB)
Maximum input voltage 2V
Rated output voltage 2.35(±0.1)V
Static power consumption <1W
Maximum power consumption 3W
Signal to noise ratio >80dB
Cross talk attenuation >80dB
Harmonic distortion <0.5%
Headphone output 9dBu,8-32Ω,3.5mm
Working power supply interpretation host supply DC24V
Connection method 8-pin DCN interface
Size (length × width × height) microphone rodexcluded 215×118×55
Net weight (with microphone rod) 1.23kg
 microphone Tube microphone type Eclectic heart-shaped capacitance
Frequency response 40Hz-20kHz(-3dB)
Sensitivity -45dBV/pa
Input resistance 2kΩ
Equivalent noise 20dB(SPL)
Maximum sound pressure level 125dB(THD<3%)

D6229 12-channel interpretation unit applied in the digital conference system, supports touch operation, indirect interpretation, and direct interpretation. It can be applied in a multi-interpreter system. You can set the interpretation unit to an administrator mode to implement management and supervisory functions.

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