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DSPPA D6304 12-Channels Infrared Transmitting Host



  • DSPPA D6304 is infrared directional transmission, highly confidential;
  • It has an automatic level control function (ALC)
  • With high performance digital programmable phase-locked chip,
  • the phase-locking accuracy is higher;
  • DSPPA D6304 transmitting hosting adopts advanced audio infrared FM modulation transmission;
  • It has 12 groups of external audio input channels;
  • With 12-sets of audio output channels

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DSPPA D6304 12-Channels Infrared Transmitting Host Specs:

Model D6304
Power Supply AC100-240V
Static power 15W/25W
Crystal oscillator Crystal control
Modulation(PPL) (PPL)Frequency modulation, narrow-band
Carrier frequency 2M~20MHz(BAND4 Band)
Pre-emphasis 100 US
Deviation ±6KHz(Peak value±7KHz)
Total harmonic distortion <1%
S/N ratio >80dB
Freq.Re 20~10KHz
Input sensitivity 50mV-1.5V(line level)
RF output 2 way BNC anti-short plug, 100mV RMS
RF output impedance 75Ω
Machine measure 483Lx344W x 88H (mm)
Net weight 6KG

DSPPA D6304 is a high-performance infrared voice distribution system, transmitting host. 2M ~ 8MHz frequency is used as a carrier wave, precision PLL phase-locked loop technology, advanced audio infrared FM modulation transmission mode. Infrared directional transmission, highly confidential, to prevent external malicious interference and eavesdropping. Connectable panel and conference system host.

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