DSPPA D6324 12 Channels Infrared Radiation Panel

  • DSPPA D6324 12-Channels Infrared Radiation Panel has super launch capability, the longest distance of up to 50 meters
  • It has the function of the synchronous switch with computer
  • A variety of transmit power-adjustable (25W) to accommodate different venue environments
  • Emission intensity halving function. DSPPA D6324 panel reduce signal power, easy to use in small environment
  • A plurality of radiation units can be connected in series by hand in hand
  • Half angle of emission: ±30º

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DSPPA D6324 12 Channels Infrared Radiation Panel Specs:

Model D6324
Power Supply AC100~240V
Transmitted power 25W
Half angle of emission ±30°
RF input: impedance 5KΩRange:100Mv~3V
Maximum coverage distance 300m²(15W)
Color Dark/ gray
Dimension(L×W×H mm) 666×475×230
Weight 5kgs

DSPPA D6324 Panel is a radiant panel with super infrared radiation capability. A wide range of transmit power can be selected with a distance of up to 50 meters (25W). With the host connection, infrared voice transmitting function can be realized. Contact us to know the DSPPA D6324 Infrared Radiation Panel price in Bangladesh.

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