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DSPPA D6325 12-Channel Infrared Receiving Unit


  • With head-mounted double-sided headphones, easy to wear and comfortable;
  • With a more powerful MCU, the control performance of the whole machine is further improved;
  • Not contain a microphone, only the receiver, the microphone is quoted separately

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DSPPA D6325 12-channel Infrared Receiving Unit Specs:

Model D6325
Total harmonic distortion <1%
Signal-to-noise ratio(S/N) >80dB
Frequency response 8KHz
Am suppression >45dB
Distortion <1.5%
Received power 2M~20MHz
Intermediate frequency(IF) 10.7MHz
Modulation FM
Rated frequency difference ±6KHz
Signal reduction 150s
Power Supply The built-in lithium battery,3.7V/750mA
Dimension(L×W×H mm) 105×50×19
Net weight 0.15kg

DSPPA D6325 Infrared Receiving Unit is a receiving unit with super infrared receiving capability. It can receive up to 12 channels, without interference from each other. LCD display function can show the channel number. When the electricity is seriously insufficient, the device automatically shuts off. D6325  plays a role in protecting the battery and prolongs the service lifespan of the battery.

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