DSPPA D6418 Wall Mount Wireless Control Panel

  • Flush mount on-wall touch panel for central control system
  • DSPPA D6418 wall mount wireless control panel has advanced capacitive touch screen design, reliable and durable
  • Screen color and graphic design can be adjusted
  • Description and functions of the icons can be adjusted
  • Integrated design of the touch icon and indicator in this DSPPA D6418 model
  • Wireless RF control, rate 433MHz
  • Can install more similar panel by setting different RFID
  • AC power supply, panel working power AC 5V built-in

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DSPPA D6418 Wall Mount Wireless Control Panel Specs:

DSPPA D6418 control panel with 8-Keys in wall panel with touch screen and waterproof is for support to the input and output device of center host and other central control equipment. Because of touch-sensitive design and mechanical wall panel, with long life, waterproof, high reliability, stable and simple maintenance, etc., compared with the mechanical wall.

Communication Method RS485 Protocol
Quantity of Instruction The key function can be achieved by programming
Quantity of key 8
Power Bus Power Supply

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