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DSPPA D6421 8-Channel Power Controller



  • 8 switches on the front to control on/off of relays under emergency circumstances
  • 8 I/O interfaces inside the controller, able to use without central control devices
  • DSPPA D6421 8-Channel power controller compatible with all existing central control protocols
  • Rotatable ID switch to set network ID code
  • DSPPA D6421 with triplet junction on each relay with standby function

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DSPPA D6421 8-Channel Power Controller Specs:

Control Channel –  8-channel independent power control

Load Capacity – Power of single-channel 20A

ID Selection – Rotate switch to change network ID

Power Supply – DC24V Network power

Control Method – Button on the front panel and I/O control

Dimension – 380x200x70mm Weight 2.7kg

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