DSPPA D6423/6424 Volume Controller

  • 4-channel unbalanced stereo tuning/2-channel stereo balanced stereo tuning
  • Max input level of mixer: 10V Vpp
  • Max output level of mixer: 10V Vpp
  • Max adjustment range of mixer: -62dB~0dB
  • Power of DSPPA D6423/6424:110V~220VAC, national standard power plug
  • Control method: RS232, Baud Rate 9600
  • DSPPA D6423/6424 Volume Control able to connect with coding control system
  • Dimension: 232H×146W×32D(MM)
  • Weight: 1.3KG

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DSPPA D6423/6424 Volume Control Specs:

DSPPA D6423/6424 is with a 4-channel unbalanced stereo/2-channel balanced stereo volume controller. Users could use central control devices to control volume.

As is shown in the picture above, there are two-row of keys on the front panel. Four keys in the first row are used to activate the channel that needs to be activated. Keys in the second row are used to control volume. “MINI” is to volume down and “MAX” is to volume up. For example, if you need to turn up the volume of the first audio input, press “1” and then “MAX”.

D6423/6424 Volume Control

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